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  • 100 Tears
    • 100 Tears
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:54
    • Director: Marcus Koch
    • Genres: Horror
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

100 Tears is set in Florida where a serial killer known as the
'Teardrop Killer' has been murdering people for the past twenty years,
his latest victims were all staying at a halfway house for teens as he
slaughters the entire place. Two local journalist's Christine Greaston
(Raine Brown) & Mark Webb (writer & producer Joe Davison) are writing a
front page article on serial killers & decide to investigate the
Teardrop Killer since the halfway house massacre took place nearby,
speaking to an eyewitness Christine & Mark learn that the killer was
dressed as a clown & as such check out any local circus. Christine &
mark hit the jackpot & several leads prove useful in discovering the
Teardrop Killer is in fact Gurdy the Clown (Jack Amos), to close to
quit & desperate for a big story the pair go after Gurdy themselves &
try to save some lives in the process…

Directed by Marcus Koch who is also credited with the special effects
make-up this low budget slasher film wasn't as amateurish or as
downright bad as I was expecting, 100 Tears is no masterpiece but it
has lots of gore & is generally quite watchable. The script is as basic
as they come, I would imagine if the makers had any sort of budget they
would have had many more set-pieces & sets rather than staging scenes
in car parks & made the whole plot far more elaborate. Only two (plain
clothes) cops are ever despite several murder scenes being featured &
while the murder mystery aspect of the script is serviceable it's quite
dull so don't expect anything like The Silence of the Lambs (1991) or
Se7en (1995) or even Halloween (1978) or Friday the 13th (1980) for
that matter. 100 Tears lumbers from one dry exposition scene to another
as the two reporters get lucky, where are the police the whole time?
Why didn't they figure it out as well? Who called Christine to inform
her about the missing men? Why weren't the police told? Why did Gurdy
the Clown turn up at Drago's caravan? Why did it take him twenty years?
The twist at the end is difficult to take seriously, if I found out my
father was a psychopathic serial killer I wouldn't just join in & start
murdering people as well. Why did she turn? Why did she not kill anyone
before? At an hour & a half 100 Tears is maybe ten minutes too long,
scenes do drag & although a fairly serious film there's a bizarre
moment in which Christine & Mark chase a dwarf in comical fashion that
looks like it belongs in a Benny Hill show (anyone in the UK will know
who Benny Hill is).

The one area where 100 Tears does get things right is with the blood,
gore & violence. 100 Tears is very gory & the special make-up effects
are surprisingly good with nice thick red blood rather than blood that
looks like coloured water. People's heads are chopped off, people's
feet, legs & arms are chopped off, people are sliced in half,
intestines flop out, huge amounts of blood splatters everywhere, an
eyeball is removed, heads are bashed in, throats are slit, heads are
sliced vertically in half, faces are cut to pieces someone is run over
& splatters everywhere as they are crushed. There is lots of good
looking gore here but budget problems rear their head again as there's
no build-up to them, a person enters the screen & then about two
seconds later they are killed with no tension or suspense or build-up.
The killer Gurdy the Clown never says anything during the film but is a
decent enough villain, all I want to know is where do you buy one of
those huge over-sized meat clever's? I want one.

With a supposed budget of about $75,000 which is about as low as they
come 100 Tears was filmed in Florida & is technically a bit rough
around the edges. People talk in hallways so there's this annoying
echo, background sounds like traffic or trains distort dialogue & there
are virtually no close-ups. Almost everything seems to have been shot
on one camera in one take with a wide angle, it makes for a dull &
uneven looking film. The gore scenes fare much better & you can tell
that's where the money & effort went. The acting is OK, it's not as bad
as I was expecting anyway.

100 Tears is a really low budget slasher film with lots of gore, to my
eyes all the money & effort went on the gore (not a bad thing in
itself) with the plot & everything else taking a back seat. Although
shot on video & rough around the edges 100 tears isn't too bad & if
your looking for gore then this is worth a rental at least& if nothing
else 100 Tears teaches us that looking both ways before crossing the
street is important…

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