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  • 3 A.M.
    • 3 A.M.
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:45:10
    • Director: Sidney Mansa Winters
    • Genres: Thriller
    • Studio:


again i am on my own here, saying that this movie is not as bad as all
the other reviews make it out to be. The ending goes a bit random and a
too big a twist for my liking but never the less, not a bad film. i
picked this film up from tescos and i watched it the same day, not as
scary as the back might lead you on for but never the less, it still
has its moments. I think they should make a second movie in this
series. and the title is not 3.A.M it is paranormal ascendancy . they
made the film drag on a bit in the middle and towards the end but it
all does in a weird way come together and make sense at the end. but in
the middle you will get really confused but don't worry it will make


I loved this DVD … it flew out of my window with such grace after
chucking it with all my strength, I couldn't bring myself to use it as
a coaster.

Terrible camera work, Terrible sound, Terrible acting … I couldn't
even bring myself to watch more than 35 minutes of it. Initially I
thought it was going to be the films 'style', but the more I witnessed
the acting out of a script, the more I decided that this film is just

Whatever company decided this was worth putting on the shelves in your
part of the world, needs to be regarded with caution.

If this was made by a 16 year old for a personal portfolio building
project, it would of been pretty good. But not something you would
expect people to pay money for.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If i could vote on nought i would do. This film mixed a pure blend of
crap with another. the acting was worse than arwful and the cast should
of died with the film. there is a point in the film where you decided
whether to throw your self out of the window into the path of a combine
harvester and allow your imagination to die because your so bored you
are looking forward to seeing the credits role.

this was a terrible waste of a Sunday afternoon and my girlfriend ran
off to cook dinner as she got so bored she was contemplating cutting
herself with the remote. the only thing scary about this film is the
fact that it took 90 minutes for the film and the actors to go away.

scary no. boring yes. crap 100 percent.


I respect the enthusiasm and efforts needed to create an indie film,
but that is about all I can respect about 3am. Greg Niecestro's poorly
crafted script features an almost indiscernible plot. Even more
confusing than the storyline was Greg's decision to cast himself as the
main character, Michael. Viewers expect emotion from a character
confused by love and terrorized by creepy events, but "stoneface" Greg
brought zero emotion to his character. His dialog was on par with a
Cinemax soft core porn. I was hoping some of the scenes with attractive
actresses featured at least partial nudity. There are several quality
scenes, but the bright spots are overshadowed by the terrible script
and acting. I was waiting for a boom mic to drop into the picture, but
I don't believe this low budget release utilized boom mics. Ayal Stern
did a serviceable job in the role of Kenny, standing out as the
polished turd in a sea of diarrhea. I'd be somewhat interested to see
what Ayal Stern could do with a better script and production.

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