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    • .45
    • Runtime:101 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:15:46
    • Director: Gary Lennon
    • Genres: Crime, Drama
    • Studio:


Kat and Big Al run guns. Small-time, really, just the streets of New
York. She would like it to get bigger, he's reluctant. Then one day, he
beats her, in jealous rage. Not for the first time, but the worst yet.
Her smarts, coolness and independence(she could easily run their
"business" without him) fly right out the window, in spite of the
advice of Vic(a lesbian who also comes onto her), Reilly(a dumb
criminal who wants to get out that life… and wants to be with her) and
Liz(the social worker assigned to her case). However, she's not done
yet. And she can be crafty. Right as this opens, it's vulgar; the
strong language(at times explicit) is constant, the plentiful sexuality
is unrestrained(complete with a little nudity of both genders), and
there is a bit of disturbing, brutal violence(aforementioned fight is
shocking and effective, yet because of what follows, it is not
gratuitous in its detail). This goes for an uncensored look at the
environment and the people, and the grittiness, the uncompromising
nature of this makes it all the better for those of us who aren't
turned off to it. About halfway through(because this keeps to such a
smooth pace, wasting no time), I suddenly realized that not a single
one of these types were likable. And it didn't take me long to remember
that the same goes for classics in the crime-drama genre; Goodfellas,
Casino, and in general Scorsese's films. What makes these work is that
the characters are credible, thoroughly established(swiftly, if need
be) and in a story you're interested in… and all of those are the
case here, as well. The acting is great for all involved. This is one
of Milla's best performances(watch this if you like her; granted, she
is perhaps a little over-the-top at times), and she is at her most
seductive and cute here(no wonder everyone in this falls for her!).
Macfadyen(granted, the explanation that he "went to Scotland as a kid
and never lost the accent" is stupid), Dorff, Tyler, Strange…
everyone is spot-on. The editing is tight, with a lot of hand-held, and
several "talk to the camera" interviews by those in this(not only the
leads). Dialog tends to be very natural. The humor can be forced once
or twice; this may make still you laugh. Love and abuse are important
themes in this. There is tension in this. The twists are unexpected, I
didn't see the ending coming(what I will say is that I am ecstatic
about it). The DVD comes with trailers. I recommend this to anyone who
wants to delve into life on the streets. 7/10


WOW what an incredible surprise this movie turned out to be. It is not
your run of the mill action flicks that are collecting dust at the
video store. A very original take on the action genre as it starts out
light and explodes into a serious action drama. What makes it so
original is the writing and directing from Gary Lennon, with it's light
comedic touches coupled with it's raw energy and realistic moments.
Gary Lennon has gotten the best performances from his actors, easily
Milla Jovovich's best performance of her career and her chemistry with
Angus Macfayden is palpable and layered as in real life. Mr. Lennon
allows her character to undergo a metamorphisis that is so interesting
to watch that you feel you are peeking into people's lives, which is
very rare for an action movie.This a must have movie to be added to any
cinemaphiles collection. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Lennon's next


I've had to have seen this film at least 10 times. What a gripping
portrayal of life in Hell's Kitchen. Milla was at her very best. The
film was provocative and at the same time quirky, which is my absolute
favorite combination for anything.

Some parts were extremely disturbing to watch, but for some reason I
could not turn away. The film was gritty, dirty, sexy, disturbing,
grimy, dark, witty, and at the same time it was transforming.

I would recommend this film to anyone that wants to go on a real
journey and know what it's like to live in NY city Hell's Kitchen
around that time period.


Well, that was a waste of 101 minutes. I never would have known that
.45 existed, if not for the presence of Milla Jovovich. That ignorance
of this movie, probably would have been to my overall advantage. It's
safe to say that I am not a fan. 

.45 is basically an R-rated Lifetime Movie of the Week. The story is a
messy mix of domestic violence, crime, revenge, double-crosses, and
general pointlessness. I was massively disinterested within the first
ten minutes, but I forced myself to watch all of it, because of my
misguided aversion to not finishing a movie (unless I absolutely must,
ex. Darkness). No one came out of this one looking good, even the
pretty Ms. Jovovich. I'm struggling to think of a single redeeming
quality…nope. I'm drawing a blank. Even if you're a die-hard fan of
Milla, I still could not recommend this. She does have talent, but none
of it is on display, here. It's been a few months since I've seen a
movie that I enjoyed this little.  

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