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  • A League of Their Own
    • A League of Their Own
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2015-07-05 03:49:39
    • Director: Penny Marshall
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:A League of Their Own


The idea of making a movie about women baseball league during World War
II, is a truly great one. At that time, women didn't really had
anything to say in sports, generally speaking, not to mention baseball,
probably the most important American activity of the time. No! Women
raised kids, women cooked dinners, women washed dishes, women swept the
floors. They surely didn't played ball! Well, this title showed me, in
an unique style, that anyone can achieve greatness despite gender,
looks, or studies.

Furthermore, I loved the character mix this title suggested. Maybe I'm
biased when it comes to multiple character relations in a certain film,
but I can't restrain from saying that "A Lague of Their Own" is a true
masterpiece from this point of view. A little more substance would've
been more appropriate, I won't disagree with that, but this film is
terrific nonetheless! So far, there hasn't been a single perfect film.
That's just a standard to reach for, an illusion, if you don't mind the

The acting was superior. Tom Hanks was very convincing as Jimmy Dougan
a former baseball star, now an ordinary low-life alcoholic, head coach
of Rockford Peaches women baseball team, Geena Davis beautifully
interpreted soon-to-be baseball superstar Dottie Hinson and Lori Petty
did great as Kit, always envious on her sister's Dottie huge success.
Even Madonna was above her mediocre standards in the role of sleazy Mae

To conclude, "A League of Their Own" grows on you. It's funny,
original, captivating from one end to the other and will always rest in
my memory as a particular pleasant adaptation of such an interesting
subject. Accordingly, it deserves no less than a ****/***** rating

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