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  • About Last Night…
    • About Last Night…
    • Runtime:113 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:54
    • Director: Edward Zwick
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:About Last Night…


About Last Night… (1986)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Based on David Mamet's play, the film tells the story of Danny (Rob
Lowe) and Debbie (Demi Moore) who have a one night stand and then try
to build a relationship from it even though both have friends (James
Belushi, Elizabeth Perkins) warning them against it. You can find
hundreds of love stories from the 80s but in my opinion this one here
is without question one of the best even though when viewing it today
there are a few problems with it. I think the positives are so strong
that you can't help but view them as a contemporary classic. For
starters, I think Mamet's play is an incredibly strong one that
translates to the screen without any trouble and this is due in large
part to the terrific screenplay that has some wonderful dialogue. While
watching the film there's no question it deserves its R-rating but the
dialogue seems incredibly fresh and like something you would actually
hear between friends. The raunchy talk between Lowe and Belushi as well
as the "other side" of things done in more adult manner between Moore
and Perkins. The screenplay gets everything down so right that you
can't help but feel you're watching a real relationship over the course
of a year and when you see the ups and downs you feel as if this movie
is giving it to you pretty straight. Another major plus are the
performances and while the actors themselves might disagree, I'd say
this is the best work any of them have done. Lowe and Moore make for
the perfect couple and both of them make their characters smart, funny
and of course at times dramatic. They are wonderful together during the
sexual scenes and they really shine once the relationship gets started
and of course begins to sour. Belushi is downright hilarious here and
you can't help but wish you had a friend like him. Perkins is also very
good in her role. The screenplay is all about relationships both
sexually and more emotionally and I think the movie does a very good
job at handling both of them. You can tell from the way the film was
built that it's based on a play but this never hurts the film. Director
Zwick does a very good job at handling the romance and mixing it in
with the raunchy comedy and more dramatic moments. I think the film
does run a bit too long and there's a bit too much music in it but
ABOUT LAST NIGHT… is still one of the more memorable love stories of
the decade. With the strong screenplay and performances, it still
remains rather fresh after all these years.


A warm,summer afternoon at the softball park between two workplace
rival companies becomes the make-cute meeting for Debbie(Demi
Moore,who,while hardly the greatest actress in the world,can still fit
roles and is a perfect fit here),an advertising design artist and
Danny(Rob Lowe,as '80s air-fluffed and perfect as ever),a condiments
and insundries salesman feel an attraction,first there,then at the
usual watering hole haunt. This being still the height of STDs being a
"non-topic"(i.e. the mid-'80s,right on top of AIDS becoming a household
topic),the attraction is a no-brainer for a one-night stand. But
something happens: they find out they like each other and decide to
pursue this relationship,much to either the dismay and/or astonishment
of their best friends:Debbie's dour,cynical pal Joan(Elizabeth
Perkins,one-note here but an EFFECTIVE one note)and Danny's bombastic
buddy Bernie(Jim Belushi,having a good ol' time). From there,the course
of almost an entire calendar year follows the events play out.

Adapted from David Mamet's "Sexual Perversity in Chicago",it's pretty
easy to notice(particularly to anyone with familiarity of Mr.Mamet's
work) that this script is a far more palatable treatment for the screen
than what you might've(I have yet to actually see this put to stage off
original script)seen on original draft and/or performance. While this
movie might turn off theater snobs(and possibly people with a low
tolerance for '80s kitsch),anyone with an interest in seeing pretty
actors(Lowe and Moore)playing for emotional range(and not doing too
badly,IMHO)and solid,not quite looker actors(Belushi and Perkins,though
Ms.Perkins HAS softened up over the years,becoming almost vampish
looking herself)to sharpen up their acting fangs should be able to
appreciate it. Directed by TV and film vet Edward Zwick(with a reworked
title AND script from Second City and SNL vet Tim Kazurinsky,who has a
cameo),this movie is deceptively advertised as a sex comedy,but
actually has a softer,deeper,layered sense of itself. It's a good
keeper of a film,worth at least a re-watch or two.


About Last Night casts Rob Lowe and Demi Moore as a pair of 20
somethings living and working on the north side of Chicago. Rob is a
salesperson for restaurant supplies and a pretty good one. But he lacks
a college education and is reluctant to go back to school. He's also
deathly afraid of commitment which means marriage and all that brings.

But after he and Demi after a night's kanoodling which they agree is
the best they each ever had, she moves in with him. The sex is
fabulous, but can they learn to both like and tolerate each other?

Each has a best friend that is working for mixed motives to sabotage
the relationship. Lowe's best friend is Jim Belushi who's a cheerful
hedonist and just doesn't want to lose his best friend and co-worker as
a partner in debauchery. Demi's best friend is Elizabeth Perkins who
just thinks Lowe is too good and too good looking to be true. She's
been through the mill and does break up with a man during the film.
She's concerned about Moore, but I think Perkins is a little jealous as

About Last Night is taken from an off Broadway play by David Mamet who
had more of a serious examination of human relations in mind than this
brat pack film. Still as a brat pack film, it's pretty good and the
location shooting in Chicago certainly helps. We even get to see some
of the rooftop locations where one can see a ballgame in that most
famous of north side landmarks, Wrigley Field.

It might not be David Mamet's vision, but About Last Night is an all
right film comedy from the Eighties. And no film that has Wrigley Field
can ever be bad.

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