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  • Alone in the Dark II
    • Alone in the Dark II
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:26:38
    • Director: Michael Roesch
    • Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Alone in the Dark II


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So..there's a witch..something to do with a knife, and an old man
sacrificing his family for some kind of immortality. I just made the
plot sound 100 times better than the film does.

Terrible, terrible CGI (everyone hates it, why is it even added to
films) and the other "special" effects…glued on veins, I'll say no

Even if you are looking for a laugh, don't watch this film, you will be
too busy trying to work out why on earth this was made to be able to
poke fun.

I didn't see the first film, but Im not seeing that as a bad thing.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now THIS film should be tossed onto the dung heap of "worst films ever
made". The anti Uwe Boll brigade obviously want to rub it in by giving
this film a higher rating than its predecessor. Why the first AitD gets
such a poor rating, while this one gets almost double is completely
beyond me. In this film the story makes absolutely no sense. The actors
are dreadful. The script is just god awful. The SFX are practically
non-existent. I was amused when I saw that Lance Henrikson was in this
film… he has this tendency to be in just about every bad movie ever
made (he's managed to be in three good/great films so far – Aliens;
Powder; Close Encounters of the Third Kind). So seeing his name is sort
of a warning bell to me. Now, I actually BOUGHT this DVD after reading
so many positive things about it, about how it was far superior to the
first AitD, how the effects were so much better, the script, the
acting… well, I want my money back. I'm thinking of sending a bill to
everyone who posted on IMDb about this film. All that to say: rent it
if it's at the video club. Buy it if you ABSOLUTELY must have
everything that Lance Henrikson ever played in. Skip it if you really,
really thought the first film was "bad"… because honey, this one
ain't any better, it's FAR worse.

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