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  • Along Came Polly
    • Along Came Polly
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:19:56
    • Director: John Hamburg
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Along Came Polly


What is it about American films and European accents? Do they think we
won't notice? Do directors not understand that a French accent with New
York trimmings is like nails scraping down a blackboard? Or that
suspending disbelief is difficult when your teeth are grinding? Kevin
Kline couldn't get away with it in "French Kiss", so would why anyone
think that someone several steps down the talent ladder, from Queens,
could ever pass themselves off as French? Unfortunately, such are the
unfathomable decisions of Hollywood casting agents.

However, once my jaw unclenched and the action moved back to more
familiar surroundings, I was able to enjoy a by-the-book Stiller
vehicle, although I do think he tries too hard. Luckily, he's ably
supported by a good cast, especially an entertaining turn by Bryan
Brown as an uninsurable kamikaze meathead. And Jennifer Aniston is
always nice on the eyes…

And then "Claude" turns up again. Aaagh!

My vote: 7 – 1 for the phony Frenchman.


Along Came Polly (2004)

Along Came Polly is not Ben Stiller's best film nor his best
performance but I really enjoyed it. It's not that original but it is
still somehow fresh. It is pretty well written and there are plenty of
memorable and distinct moments that make it more recognizable and
original than the storyline itself would make it seem like it would.
The bathroom scene, the ferret and the basketball scene are a few of
these moments.

As far as acting goes, Ben Stiller does what he usually does. He makes
you laugh and believe his character but doesn't actually act
wonderfully, which doesn't seem to make sense. His performance is
similar to that in There's Something About Mary. Jennifer Aniston also
gives the same performance as almost everything she's done, which isn't
good but it works out fine all together. The best character and
performance in the film is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He has a very
strange role in comparison to most of his other work, and he does it
great. He was very hilarious and did really good, he kept the film more
watchable, though he had a small role. Hank Azaria also had a very
funny yet even smaller role that added more character to the otherwise
average film.

Any fan of Ben Stiller or Jennifer Aniston will most likely enjoy Along
Came Polly. It's nothing extremely special and it's not the funniest
movie, but it has a good story and has many good laughs. Definitely
worth watching if it's on TV or something, but not really something you
need to run out and rent, unless, like I said, you are a big fan of
Stiller or Aniston.



*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reviews were so negative when this movie came out that I passed on
seeing it. But I recently caught the first 10 minutes on TV and was
surprised at how funny and engaging it was. Oh, and Debra Messing was a
bit of a revelation (never watched Will & Grace). So I just watched the
whole thing on PPV, and it was far from perfect, but still worth the

The biggest weakness is in casting of Jennifer Aniston as the female
lead. She has a knockout body, but she simply lacks the personal
charisma that her part calls for. I was more emotionally moved by
Messing's return scene than any of the scenes with Aniston. It would
have been more effective to cast the much prettier Messing in the
sympathetic role and Aniston as the "cold, heartless bitch". But
whatever, Aniston is the bigger star, so she gets the bigger part.

Baldwin, Brown, and Hoffman are hysterical.

Catch this one on PPV or DVD when you're in the mood for a few
lightweight laughs.

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