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  • Anger Management
    • Anger Management
    • Runtime:106 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:43:01
    • Director: Peter Segal
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Anger Management


Watched this movie on a Sunday night and found it just the right flick
to end the weekend with a smile on my face.

Jack Nicholson seems to be like a good bottle of wine, getting better
and better with age. He's brilliant in this movie, and as ever so
often, you're never quite sure whose side he's really on. Adam Sandler
plays the ever so innocent guy, seemingly being taken advantage of
everyone around him. His character is lovable, and I could hardly
imagine a better actor for this role.

I wanted something light for Sunday evening, something to entertain me
and make me laugh, and I certainly got what I was looking for. A funny
movie with some hilarious scenes and not overdoing it on the slapstick.
And even with a little twist at the end, with a certain "ahaa" effect.


The movie I chose to write about is Anger Management. The reason I
picked this movie was because it is a laugh out loud movie full of
comedy and romance. It's super funny. It will make you laugh and cry.
It's heart warming. I loved this entire movie. You will walk away
knowing the last two hours where spent on some thing you will remember.
It a straight up laugh out loud comedy and it has a little romance.

This movie has Adam Sandler & Jack Nicholson. Those guys work together
like no two men should A.K.A the spooning seen in Adam Sandler. It was
the one seen that just make you laugh you butt off. This is a great
movie for teen and young adults. It's not so much a children's movie
but young kid may watch it and still get a good laugh.

This movie was good the whole way though. I have nothing bad to say
about it but after this movie you may need some more Anger Management!
This movie in my books gets a ten out of ten. It's a five star movie. I


This comedy has been out for over seven years, and I've definitely come
across it in the video store before, but didn't get around to renting
it until last week. The reason why "Anger Management" caught my
attention was because I was familiar with the two co-stars, Adam
Sandler and Jack Nicholson. I had seen both of them play entertaining
characters in movies before, so seeing them in a film together sounded
like it sure had potential. I haven't been impressed with every film
I've seen Sandler in, and knew this wasn't one of the most popular
comedies from the past decade, so I wasn't expecting a consistently
hilarious film, but was expecting some laughs. I certainly did get
those laughs, but after a while, the movie proved to be mildly

Dave Buznik works for a New York City pet clothing company, and has a
mean-spirited boss named Frank Head, who tends to take credit for
Dave's work. Dave has a girlfriend named Linda, but due to a traumatic
childhood experience, he is afraid to kiss her in public. Since that
childhood embarrassment, he has also been suppressing his emotions. On
a business flight, he sits beside an irritating man named Buddy Rydell,
and after a simple request from Dave leads to overreactions from the
flight attendant and sky marshal, the businessman finds himself in
court! He is found guilty of assaulting the flight attendant, even
though he didn't, and is sentenced to twenty hours of anger management
therapy. His therapist for these twenty hours happens to be Buddy
Rydell! After the first session, Buddy tells Dave that he is doubling
his therapy time, explaining the difference between explosive and
implosive anger! It gets worse for the New York businessman when he is
arrested again after accidentally hitting a waitress, and Buddy moves
into his apartment to give him more intense therapy!

Before either of the co-stars appears in the film, the story begins in
1978, with Dave as a kid and about to kiss a girl when his pants are
pulled down by a bully named Arnie Shankman! I did not find this very
funny, which was also the case with the parts of this sequence showing
Arnie's sister "losing her mind." However, the film then skips to the
present, and begins to look better. The scene showing Dave and Buddy
together on the plane (Nicholson's first scene in the role of Buddy) is
a very funny one, and the film sure looks promising at this point.
There are lots of funny moments after this, including some involving
other anger management patients, and also Buddy explaining the
difference between explosive and implosive anger, but after a while, I
found that the gags usually weren't funny enough to keep the film as
entertaining as it looked like it was going to be. For example, I
didn't care much for the scene with Galaxia, a transvestite prostitute
played by Woody Harrelson. There are times when the humour may get just
a LITTLE too juvenile, though modern comedies can get a LOT more
juvenile than anything in this film. Later on, the film does get
funnier again, maybe with the part featuring John C. Reilly as adult
Arnie Shankman.

This is a comedy with lots of funny moments, but it's not consistent
enough to be completely satisfying. With Adam Sandler and Jack
Nicholson in the starring roles, it had potential to be much better.
Still, I will give "Anger Management" credit for giving me laughs, even
if they weren't usually big laughs. Judge Brenda Daniels, a character
who appears in the court scenes here, is played by Lynne Thigpen, who
sadly died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 54 shortly before this movie
was released. Seeing her here was interesting for me because I
recognized her as the one who played The Chief in "Where in the World
Is Carmen Sandiego?", a TV show I saw many times as a kid in the 90's.
The lead roles in this 2003 comedy are both played by very famous
actors, and if you're a fan of theirs, this film could make you laugh
many times, though you may also find that it could have been a lot


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm hesitant to add yet one more review to the dozens of reviews of
this movie that warns moviegoers (or at this point Netflix subscribers)
what a horrible movie this is, as it merely reinforces that Hollywood
can put any POS Adam Sandler movie out there and people will flock to
it in droves. But I'm a mouthy old broad and want to have my say.

This movie is a POS. It's stupid. It doesn't make sense. I didn't laugh
once (I'm all for sophomoric and politically incorrect humor–but this
movie didn't even reach the standard for sophomoric and politically
incorrect humor). Adam Sandler is improbably forced into anger
management on trumped up charges, not knowing he's the victim of a
conspiracy theory. His anger management meeting is attended by
criminally insane paranoid schizophrenics. Funny, huh? That's the first
20 minutes. It goes downhill from there.

I read the other "I hate it" reviews and didn't see this mentioned
once. The actors in this movie look like death warmed over–and I was
NOT watching on a high def TV. I couldn't believe how horrible
Nicholson, Turrturo and Marisa Tomei looked. Bloodshot, watery eyes,
their skin was a color you don't usually see outside of a mortuary and
I don't know if the crew was missing a hairdresser or what.

The fact that Adam Sandler is continuously financially rewarded for
churning out this sort of crap is proof to me there is no God.

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