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  • Atlantis: Milo’s Return
    • Atlantis: Milo’s Return
    • Runtime:70 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:15
    • Director: Victor Cook
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Atlantis: Milo’s Return


My main criticism with the movie is the animation. I totally agree with
everyone else it was very poor. Some of the characters seemed to have
darker skin tones than they did in the first film, which is much
better. Also the background colours looked rushed and somewhat static.
It is also a shame that Michael J.Fox didn't voice Milo, he did such a
good job, and James Arnold Taylor wasn't sure whether he was supposed
to sound like Milo or Aladdin. I have also taken into consideration the
lack of a good storyline. the third story was confusing and clumsily
told, and the second story suffered from poor scripting. To make things
worse, the first one I can't even remember, other than a fishing
village being haunted or something like that. However, there was some
nice music, and good voice talents from John Mahoney, Cree Summer,
Clancy Brown and Tom Wilson, that saved the film from total disaster.
All in all, a disappointing sequel to a surprisingly good film. 4/10
Bethany Cox.


This movie was horrible, and it doesn't even deserve to be called a
movie. The way I look at it, it's more like three mediocre day-time
Disney cartoon episodes strung loosely together to make a single video
that pretends to be the sequel to the first Atlantis movie, which was
way more well-made and enjoyable. And where do i even begin with the
problems of this DVD? The story? The characters? The
pictures/animation? To me they're all bad and unwatchable. Firstly, the
story in this direct-to-video DVD is ridiculous and pointless. The only
good thing about it is that it is consistent–that is, consistently
bad, from the beginning to the end. After the film's over i still don't
know why Milo has returned and how the incidents occur in the three
small stories are related to each other or to Atlantis itself. And all
I could remember about this movie was how bad it makes me feel after
seeing it. The characters feel wooden and lack personality, and the
drawings look a lot different than that in the first. You can tell
they're obviously not from the hands of the same animators from the
first one. As the DVD played on, i found myself caring less and less
about what might happen to the characters and just hoping the film
would end soon. Besides the story and the characters mentioned above,
the picture quality is poor in this one too, probably one of the worst
in those direct-to-video products that Disney has ever released. As a
fan of the the original Atlantis: the lost empire, I couldn't be more
disappointed in Milo's return, which is a total waste of time and
money. Thank goodness I rented it first instead of buying it. Even so,
I still wish I'd never seen this crap or even known its existence.


The sequel to the Disney "flop" is a direct to video that seems more
like three episodes of the never produced series more than a movie. The
animation is on the whole a bit better of than the normal TV fare with
moments of sheer brilliance.

That said the movie is a much better than average adventure that would
have been classic had it not been flawed by the episodic structure and
the fact that it was abandoned by Disney and left to rot in the video
backwaters and so had many hands writing the story.

This is not the disaster that many have claimed. It is a decent 75
minutes that will leave you wanting more. Granted this is a rental and
not a purchase, but its still something to see.

The use of color is mind blowing in the film and the colors as
reproduced by the DVD are almost painful.

Three stars, especially if you want to see even more stolen Mike
Mignola-like art.

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