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  • August Underground’s Penance
    • August Underground’s Penance
    • Runtime:84 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:12:57
    • Director: Fred Vogel
    • Genres: Horror
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:August Underground’s Penance


Penance is the third and final film of the August Underground trilogy.

If you have seen the first 2 you will know of the grainy, amateur
camera work used. This time it seems the killers have bought a new
camcorder. The picture is much better quality but still amateur like
making you believe that this is for real.

Again, it's very gory and disturbing for some but doesn't have quite
the intensity of some of the extreme scenes in Mordum. Still it's a
class act and Fred Vogul has done yet another great job both directing
and acting. The effects are fantastic and it's certainly pushing the
boundaries again although not as much as Mordum.

Not for everyone but a very good view for gore hounds.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Penance", the third and final entry in the "August Underground"
series, details the further destructive exploits of the two remaining
killers as they continue documenting it all on camera. This one isn't
nearly as gruesome as "Mordum" but it does have a few decent bits of
mutilation and torture. The interesting aspects of this movie come from
the deterioration of the murderous duo's relationship as they both
become more and more unhinged through the course of this particular
killing spree. Overall, it was the my least favorite of the trilogy -
even considering I never WAS a huge fan to begin with. There were far
too many boring scenes that dragged on and many of the actual murders
weren't horribly effective or "brutal" in comparison to the previous
movies. The only scene that really seemed to stick out was the
Christmas family massacre scene… Granted, all of the "August
Underground" flicks are enjoyable viewing to an extent – since they are
some of the only character driven pseudo-snuff films out there which,
in a way, at least keeps them fairly engrossing… Plus the raw
brutality in the POV format is a fun, voyeuristic viewing experience on
occasion. Still, the first two AU flicks are a lot better.


The shock film, August Underground's Penance, is the pinnacle of
holiday filth. I suggest using your Christmas stockings once you run
out of barf bags, you'll definitely need them for this movie! T'is the
season for child molesting and baby killing! The August Underground
trilogy is a collection of snuff footage filmed by the murderers, one
male and one female, themselves. The first August Underground is
disturbing in the way that it depicts a snuff film so accurately.
August Underground's Mordum, as far as I am concerned, is the most
disgusting and upsetting movie ever made. So what does the latest
installment have to offer? Pure unabashed gore! Blood, guts,
intestines, nails through the head, disembowelment, cigarette burns,
limb sawing and heads being opened like Christmas presents! Thanks to
the special features section in Penance we learn that real pig
intestines were used in the film making the actors sick to their
stomachs! Yes, these poor psychopaths actually got immortalized
vomiting nearly constantly during the taping. The effects in this
gore-fest are so realistic that the Toe Tag crew decided to use a
better quality camera then in their previous movies to show off their
skills and attention to detail. This film shows the character
development of the killers and adds that touch of humanity to
contribute to the realism to this movie. And, while Penance may not be
as disgusting as Mordum, it does manage to supply a generous amount of
its own sickness to the trilogy.

Which brings us to the only thing worse than Christmas carolers; home
invaders! Focus on a standard suburban family. Let's call them the
Cleavers. Each of the Cleaver family is beaten, raped and killed all on
Christmas day. It's better to give then to receive! Of all the
atrocities committed on this family the worst by far is done to sweet
baby Jane. After the killers viciously beat and rape the sweet lass,
her butcher delivers one of the cruelest lines in cinematic history:
"Kill it." Did you get that? Not her – "it."

Another offensive scene which actually triggers the emotion of one of
the killers highlights a very realistic looking fetus being ripped from
a mother's womb. The female slayer finally breaks down and cries once
she realizes they've finally go too far. The dead mother-to-be
experiences the one instance where it's not better getting your present
too early! Taking violence to another level all together. It is
chilling the way these serial killers are portrayed so believably.
August Underground's Penance also has an ending that has to be seen to
be believed! The final scene might leave fans a little choked up.

August Underground's Penance is a shockingly gruesome movie filled with
anger, torture, and ejaculation. It looks like it will be a White
Christmas after all! This film is a holiday must own for any true
gore-hound like me!

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