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  • Autopsy
    • Autopsy
    • Runtime:84 min
    • Release Date:2014-03-21 12:26:41
    • Director: Adam Gierasch
    • Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:


Middle of the road shocker that starts instantly and rolls along
unfettered by common sense or reality. The inclusion of Robert Patrick
and Jenette Goldstein only makes this film better. It actually moves
along quite well and newcomer Jessica Lowndes does an exceptional job
as her moment by moment confusion becomes fear becomes dread becomes
terror and then becomes retaliation. As usual with movies of this sort,
there's the "I'm the next victim" characters, the orderlies gone mad
and all sorts of "this is bullsh*t" moments, but the ending makes up
for some if not all of those.

Very high production values, very good photography, generally good
acting across the board– I doubt I'll watch it again, but if you
haven't seen it, give it a view.


I really didn't expect it to be like this So, after reading the reviews
on IMDb I expected to see something cheap and below average, but as a
horror fan I must say this is one of the best horror films I've ever
seen. I understand that this is not to be taken seriously as much as
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but this film is one of the goriest films
ever beside "My Bloody Valentine". What made me really enjoy this film
was that it made no attempts at censoring the gross gory scenes. I've
seen many films like this before; otherwise I'd have fainted by seeing
even one of those scenes. This is certainly not a film for the

The scenes are brightly lit unlike most other horror films which make
excessive use of darkness to the point that you can't "see" anything,
so there's nothing to be afraid of! But this film shows all those
scenes clearly with sufficient light. What makes it even more horrible
is that all victims are torn apart while they're still conscious, so
they can see their organs taken out of their bodies one of one. Don't
close your eyes! Be brave and watch! One of the scenes was overly
creative, the scenes where one of the victims has all his organ hung
above his head and he's still alive, because his heart is beating in
the air! Wow! What a horrible idea! (Awesome for a horror movie
though!) If you can really stand seeing so much gore and not throw up,
this movie is perfect, a must-see. I found it to be very entertaining
and although the ending was indeterminate, I must say it worked for
this particular movie, in other movies I don't like indeterminate

Go see this. Keep your expectations low and enjoy the horrible scenes!

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