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  • Baby Boom
    • Baby Boom
    • Runtime:110 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:33
    • Director: Charles Shyer
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:


Brilliant, ballsy businesswoman inherits a baby–how can she possibly
take care of it when she has a 1:00 business meeting? Screenwriters
Charles Shyer (who also directed, ineptly) and Nancy Meyers concoct
their scripts always with one eye on the box-office; they have nothing
but good will and sunshine up their sleeves, and hope to underline
their little bits of happiness with 'edgy' corporate satire and
romantic delusion. Diane Keaton retains her nervy grace and charm
through a lot of unplayable scenes (such as serving a plate of pasta to
her newly-acquired toddler, figuring she'll eat it like a grown-up).
The scenario shifts gears oddly in the second-act, attempting (I
assume) an unsubtle comparison between Big City living and rustic
blissfulness, giving our heroine a rural veterinarian to smooch
with–and a possible daddy for the baby! This unreal world, with its
fake-smart characters and dry-wit dialogue, seems to have come out of
an old Ernst Lubitsch picture–only Lubitsh's films have dated far
better than the damp, mildewy "Baby Boom". *1/2 from ****


Baby Boom is a very warm, delightful, funny romantic comedy that I
absolutely love. I've seen it many times, but I was channel surfing
last night and came upon it about 20 minutes into the movie and I had
to watch it again, of course. Because today's workplace environment is
much more "mom-friendly", this movie seems a bit outdated to women who
were born after 1970. Many of them probably will not appreciate the
plight of the main character, J.C. Wyatt (played by Diane Keaton) as
much as we "older" women who worked through the 80's and beyond. But
taken in this context, this movie is great entertainment.

I particularly enjoy the problems she encounters with her "new" home in
Vermont (reminiscent of "Money Pit" and "Funny Farm") and also the
relationship that develops between Diane Keaton's character the that of
Sam Shepherd, the handsome country veterinarian. Some scenes are
downright hilarious. Others, sweet and tender. Although I'd consider
this a "chick flick" my husband enjoys it and I think many other men
would like it too. The morale of the story seems to be "do what makes
you happy and not necessarily what society dictates". Quite ambitious
for an 80's movie.

My recommendation would be to pop in this DVD, pop some popcorn, curl
up on the couch and derive some guilty pleasure with this flick

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