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  • Baise-moi
    • Baise-moi
    • Runtime:77 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:40:56
    • Director: Virginie Despentes
    • Genres: Crime, Thriller
    • Studio:


Indeed this was a low budget movie and the camera work was perhaps of
poor quality but it suits the movie. As a student indeed a search for
reasons and meaning and I find it hihgly irritating that some people
complain about things left unexplained. Can't you think and maybe even
guess for yourselves? Does everything have to be explained? It starts
well enough, nicely setting up the two main characters with some very
well-acted, almost documentary-like scenes. Well, I say nicely – the
word seems hardly appropriate when these scenes include Manu and
another woman suffering a genuinely harrowing rape while Karen
prostitutes herself, along with a liberal smattering of general sex,
violence and substance abuse. Nevertheless, the opening is well-played
out and directed with surprising flair.

So don't let the negative publicity or reviews fool you. BAISE-MOI is a
rare film that utterly achieves what it sets out to do barely. just
watch it and judge urselves…..!!!!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So this film was meant to be a shocking tale of revenge, hey? I had
read several reviews of this film where viewers were disgusted etc, yet
I was merely bored. It started off good enough with a promise of some
edgy drama. The rape scene was violent but not over the top so I was
expecting something good; instead it just drifted into aimless sex.
Really seeing oral sex, naked ladies and groaning doesn't shock me -
but it doesn't make for a good film, either. There is a scene where one
of the ladies menstruates into a bath, which I guess was meant to
shock, but being female, periods really don't offend me. I found that
scene pointless and purely aimed at scaring male viewers. The ending
was very lame and very predictable. Years ago as a child, I 1st watched
Watership Down and I still find that film to be haunting now – in fact,
I think that U certificate film is more controversial than this was!
Avoid Baise Moi.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Baise-moi" (a.k.a. "Rape Me") may not entirely live up to it's
notorious controversy, but it is still a worthy 'rape/revenge' film for
those of you who are into the genre. I guess the best way to describe
this film would be: a dirt and sperm-caked rendition of "Thelma &
Louise", which I enjoyed for the most part. Takes a little while for it
to get going, but what you pretty much have is a rape scenario
involving two slum-chicks and a gang of parking garage thugs. The gals
then hit the road, launching themselves into a vicious crime spree
along the way… "Baise-moi" is definitely not the most "shocking"
movie ever made, like many claim. The rape scene is quick and
unsympathetic and the sex scenes – though graphic and rather "hardcore"
- are just as quick and FAR from sexy. Still, there's a pair of
nymph-psycho-sirens using the art of seduction to con men into their
deadly… web of murder. Wow, that was like poetry! There's a few
fairly gruesome moments depicting one poor bastard getting his head
stomped and a brutal sex-club massacre. The ending is pretty unclear,
yet suitably bleak and downbeat… Decently sleazy flick, overall, just
nothing completely mind blowing…


I think this movie is good. I gave this a lucky 7 vote because I think
this movie is wonderful. It would be terrific if this movie would be
English dubbed.

You must understand this because I do not understand the french
language. I think the English dubbed version should have no obscenities
for any reason.

I would suggest that Hollywood should make this movie English dubbed
like they did that for other movies such as Iron Monkey; Crouching
Tiger Hidden Dragon and Das Boot to name a few. If there is a DVD
includes the English dubbed version and the original European french
language, let me know if that comes out soon.

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