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  • Bait
    • Bait
    • Runtime:119 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:53:54
    • Director: Antoine Fuqua
    • Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am amazed at how this movie(and most others has a average 5 stars and
lower when there are crappy movies averaging 7 to 10 stars on IMDb. The
fanboy mentality strikes again. When this movie came out just about
everyone slammed it. Even my ex-girlfriend said this movie
questionable. Years later I sat down to watch this movie and I found
myself enjoying. Even laughing quite a bit. This and The Replacement
Killers are the movies that had people labeling the director Antoine
Fuqua as the black Michael Bay. I don't see how since most of Fuqua's
movies are smarter than anything Michael Bay has came up with. At any

Story: Alvin Sanders(Jamie Foxx) is former convict that is used by a
no-nonsense Treasury agent Edgar(David Morse) as a pawn to catch a
killer named Bristol(Doug Hutchinson). Alvin's every moves are tracked
by a bug implanted in his jaw after an accident. While these agents are
after Bristol, Bristol is after the gold bricks that were taken in a
heist gone awry.

Jamie Foxx is funny as well as great as Alvin Sanders. Alvin is a
fast-talker that is a lot smarter than he lets on. Doug Hutchinson is
okay as Bristol. He can be over-the-top sometimes in his John
Malkovitchesque demeanor. He was better here than he was as Looney Bin
Jim in Punisher: War Zone. David Morse is good as the hard edged
treasury agent. Even Mike Epps is funny as Alvin's brother Stevie. Both
him and Jamie had some funny moments on screen.

The only flaw of the movie is the some of the attempts at a thriller
fall flat. The scenario at the horse race track is way over-the-top but
I couldn't look away. The director went all out there so he gets points
for that. Plus the bomb scene with the treasury agent tied to a chair
while the detonator rests on the door was pretty nifty.

All in all Bait is not a bad movie by a long shot. Its never boring,
its always funny and I wasn't checking my watch every minute. That
should count for something. Bait is one of the most underrated movies
of 2000 period.

PS: to the reviewer that claimed this movie is too violent…. How long
have you been living under a rock? I'm pretty sure you've seen the Die
Hard series and EVERY movie by Quentin Tarantino. But those movies
aren't violent right? Weirdo.


Let's drag the ugly stuff up front for all to view:

The federal agent character played by David Morse is a disgusting
brutal fascist thug. To make his character a supporting 'hero'
effectively makes the following arguments to the audience (the validity
of which I comment on in parentheses):

For the sake of 42 million dollars of stolen gold, government agents
may ignore the Constitution of the United States and 1. Torture; 2.
Deny medical care to suspected criminals; 3. Threaten informants with
summary execution; 4. Fail to advise the accused of their rights and
deny access to their attorneys (Is there any lawyer there representing
the Jamie Foxx character anywhere anytime in this film? – nope.) 5.
Assault a convict in order to engage in experimentation during
consequent surgery; 6. Engage in close survey of innocent citizens
without warrant; including implanted communications and tracking
devices, wire-tapping, and audio-voyeurism during suspect's sexual
activities; 7. Commit to a policy of killing innocent citizens in order
to kill a suspected criminal; 8. Commit to the intention to kill a
suspected criminal without arrest, trial, conviction, or judgment; 9.
Commandeer the municipal police of NYC without respect to the rights of
the state or municipality.

ALl this in 2000, before the horrid Bush regime?!

David Morse's character needs to be hauled before a congressional
committed, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to several
life-term in prison, running consecutively (meaning, one life after
another, just in case he has several), without probation. George Bush,

And since the victim of most of these crimes is a Black man, do we
detect just a little racism here? only mitigated by out-right pandering
to potential Black audiences?

Disgusting. Burn it. Burn every film like it. Restore the Constitution
of the United States, including its sacred Bill of Rights!


This is a really interesting movie. It is an action movie with comedy
mixed in. Foxx teams up with comedian Epps in this movie to give it a
comedic spin. It will keep you wondering whats going to happen to Foxx
next. It was a well shot movie, the director used the right colors in
this movie(dark blue colors) to give it the right kind of feel.
Kimberly Elise also starred in this movie and it is always a pleasure
to see her on the big screen. She plays her role well. Even Jamie
Kennedy is in this movie. It's worth seeing it you haven't seen it.
It's definitely worth having if you are a Jamie Foxx fan. It deserves
more credit than it is actually given.


I have to agree with most of the other posts. Was it a comedy? a drama?
to me it leaned a little to much towards the comedy side. I could have
been a great movie without the comedy and it was horribly contrived.
Jamie keeps running into the Julio and whats his name. In New York, how
many times do you run into someone you know in downtown Cleveland.And
just how could Robert Pastorelli dig up Yankee Stadium to hide the
gold. Again, a comedy or drama? But it was still entertaining
especially for a Sunday morning. I enjoyed Kimberly Elise's
performance, she certainly a beautiful actress and seems to take her
craft seriously. She is a younger actress that is going to be viable.

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