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  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle
    • Barbie and the Diamond Castle
    • Runtime:79 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:22
    • Director: Gino Nichele
    • Genres: Animation, Family, Musical
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Barbie and the Diamond Castle


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first started with Barbie DVDs it was the My Scene collection
and I found the music to be really okay but the stories to have too
much of gritty mid teen personalities than I could easily cope with
back then. England was having a pogrom against some of the dispossessed
and we did tend to get a lot of grit, a maybe for why the occasional
hypersensitivity. The last couple of years I have been noticing a lot
of grit and hypersensitivity on the IMDb user pages. At other places in
England too.

Easter 2010 I could not find a Barbie Easter egg but what I did have
instead was three more Barbie DVDs. As well as Diamond Castle (2008) I
also had Rapunzel (2002) and Swan Lake (2003). Music is a strong part
of these, too, but it is nothing like My Scene. I started by preferring
all of these stories but having qualms about the music in all but Swan

Second viewing, with Barbie DVDs I do watch them more than once, I was
still having qualms with the music in Rapunzel but could really like
the others. So, here are two more Barbie DVDs, Diamond Castle and Swan
Lake, and I could really like both the stories and the music.

With Rapunzel, I wonder if the problem is symbolic. I sort of like the
story of Rapunzel, a Barbie like girl trapped by a wicked witch but
managing to eventually break free. Smooth and nice, if leaving the
witch trapped in everlasting hell. Just if anyone knows the classical
music that much of the background music uses, Dvorak's New World
Symphony, would they be likely to be considering the music as a weak
sham, too? Most age 5ish should not have that sort of problem so they
just might like this a lot. The other IMDb user reviews that mention
the music appear to like it too. The music is played well and fits
rather well but if one knows the way that Dvorak used this stuff then
is this missing out, a repetitive chunk of nice instead of the proper
musical story that Dvorak wrote? Symbolic new world? This qualm will
likely appear as unreal to many, but it does have me heading back to
listen to the proper music and not bothering with the DVD all that
much. A sort of grit that most all will not notice as real at all?

But Diamond Castle and Swan Lake. I could not find a Barbie Easter egg,
I had to put up with a HSM and a choc bunny instead, but what I found
was way better. Oh yeah these are nice.


I am the proud daddy of a beautiful 4year old little girl who loves all
her Barbie movies, however this movie is the one that seems to have
captured her attention the most. The story is easy to follow, some
scenes might be a little dark but hey if your kids can watch a Disney
movie they can certainly watch this(Nobody Dies). The films animation
was done very well, its not Pixar or Dreamworks but thats what is so
great about it. This film does not try and be something its not.

The lessons of friendship and trust are really put up front in this
film. I do recommend this film to parents who have young children,
babysitters, or if you flat out just want to see a great story about
muses of music turned to stone, two girls who find a girl trapped in a
mirror, and must take her to her home which is the Diamond Castle. I
won't be sexist either the boys will get a kick out of the twins and
the dragon Slyder I know my 8 year old son though it was cool. I must
say for a movie that didn't have much publicity, it has done rather
well for itself…. the only reason this film does not get a full 10
out of 10 with me, is the fact that it does not supply the bonus
features that I normally hope to see, such as deleted scenes. It does
have a blooper trailer. However if you want to see the missing sequence
you have to view Barbie and the Christmas Carol and see the deleted
scene with the puppies, which is a very cute music video, its just sad
that it wasn't on the original release of Diamond Castle. So what are
you waiting for, go check out this movie, and if you have already,
leave it some love.


the kids i babysit absolutely LOVE this movie, and i thought i would
hate watching it- but its so cute! i love Leona and Alexa's characters
and its a good movie for kids the songs are pretty and get stuck in
your head really quick! i have "2 voices" stuck in my head right now..
XD this is definitely my favorite movie the kids i babysit have me
watch… cause its fun for everyone- they love the dogs, their older
sister loves the exciting parts, and i like the songs… i admit it XD
every time the kids are done watching it, they either a) want to watch
it again or b) grab their Barbie and play "Barbie and the Diamond
Castle" i definitely recommend this movie for parents or babysitters


For being a Barbie movie, I enjoyed watching this with my girls far
more than I expected. I liked the characters quite a bit, especially
the twins. The storyline was fun and as usual, the good lesson. The
graphics weren't bad, the music though a tad bit shrill at times with
the singing, isn't bad either though beware, they're catchy enough
tunes that they get stuck in your head… like a commercial jingle. I
find myself humming "Connected" and then laughing at the fact that I'm
humming my daughter's movie song. My three year old is entranced with
the movie, she loves the puppies. So far, out of the barbie movies I
have been bullied with big blue eyes and sweet smiles into watching,
this one is my favorite.

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