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  • Barefoot in the Park
    • Barefoot in the Park
    • Runtime:106 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-10 05:41:48
    • Director: Gene Saks
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Barefoot in the Park


"Barefoot in the Park" has "one big cliché" written all over it, and
yet I genuinely enjoyed watching this movie. Partly because of the
witty dialog, and partly because the characters weren't throwing pearls
of homespun wisdom at me all the time (which is the case with many a
romantic comedy these days). So I guess the director's motto must have
been, "Keep it funny and unobtrusive."

As for the cast, I practically fell in love with Jane Fonda as a truly
feminine, hopelessly optimistic and vivacious but slightly whimsical
and emotionally unstable young lady. And truth be told, having watched
the movie, I can hardly imagine Corrie being played by any other

All things considered, I'd say this is the right movie for those who
want to cheer up a bit at the end of a long day.


No one but Neil Simon could have pulled this off. Great witty dialogue
and terrific performances by all make this an amazing ensemble piece. I
watch this every time it is on TV and it makes me laugh without fail.
My daughter loves it as much as I and that shows that it has not dated
as far as the comedy goes. I even like Redford in this and I don't
really like his movies. The chemistry between him and Fonda is just
right but it is Mildred Natwick that steals this film. If there is a
weak link in this then it is Charles Boyer as the eccentric guy
upstairs,Victor Velasco. He is not really believable as a character.
You would have to be a REALLY lousy actor to mess up great lines like
Simon gives to his actors and everyone delivers them with immaculate
timing. It is a play on film so don't expect action but it is wicked
witty and sharp in every other respect. Herbert Edelman is a wonderful
comic actor also to be seen in Simon's masterpiece "The Odd Couple" as
Murray the cop. He has a small role in this but he is brilliant in it


What an enjoyable movie ! Robert Redford and Jane Fonda are just
marvellous, a well matched couple. Robert Redford as the groom is a
young buttoned-up attorney and Jane Fonda is the free spirit and the
vivacious young bride. They're really fun to watch. Very good
performances from both actors as well as from the supporting cast
(M.Natwick and Charles Boyer). It's a good film, pleasant to watch with
a perfect timing, a very good dialog and funny situations. The acting
ability of Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, young actors at that time is
impressive in particular in the quarrel scene in which Corie tells her
husband Paul that "he's extremely proper and dignified" and ends up by
saying to him that he's a stuffed shirt etc. A MUST SEE movie


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This may well be the best screen adaptation of a Neil Simon play which
is, of course, saying something as Simon, who often did his own
adaptations (as he does here) was also a dab hand at Original
Screenplays. Okay, it's not The Cherry Orchard, but then it doesn't try
to be in fact it doesn't aspire to anything more than a light as air
soufflé about young love, conflict, eccentricity and New York. It
succeeds on every level, Charles Boyer shines in an actor-proof part as
the charming eccentric, Mildred Nantwick is more than a match for him
in a neat reversal of the young lovers (Redford is uptight, Fonda is
the free spirit; Fondas MOM, Nantwick is uptight and Boyer the free
spirit) that's about as complex/sophisticated as it gets but it's a

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