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  • Beautiful Joe
    • Beautiful Joe
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:28:42
    • Director: Stephen Metcalfe
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Beautiful Joe


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It seems to me that almost everyone who writes or directs a movie these
days throws gangsters into the potpourri of their films. And I do mean
that exact word "throws." This is otherwise a very human scale romantic
comedy and drama vehicle very ably acted by Sharon Stone, as a woman in
need of rescue from a life lived too close to the edge, and Billy
Connolly, a rock of a man beloved by all. They are an unlikely pairing
but it works. The jist of their plot is whether Stone's character can
finally settle down with a worthwhile guy (Joe) instead of the marginal
losers she normally ends up with. Then there is the whole gangster
subplot which involves gangsters after both Stone and Connolly with
reasoning and results so convoluted that all you can do is groan when
they come on screen again. Maybe these movies get financed when the
producers hear the word "gangsters." I can come up with no other reason
why they are being inserted into every other film I am seeing these

I was delightfully surprised to see Sharon Stone and Billy Connolly in
a movie together. An unlikely match, you say! But the story and plot
were superb! Billy has toned down his humor, but it shines through.
Sharon was an excellent love interest for him. He plays his role with
tenderness, humor, bravado, and extreme likability. She has a role
which is not typical for her, nevertheless a good one. I highly
recommend watching this movie.

danceability-1, Amsterdam Holland


*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I did not think this was a bad movie but neither did I think it was
great. There were a few things I didn't like, one being the amount of
plot contrivances. A lot of movies have that aspect but sometimes
there's other things that are so well done it kinds of takes the focus
off that aspect. Not here. There's a lot that just seems(for lack of a
better term: "put on".) And the amount of bad things that keep Cropping
up and happening just when one is over with almost makes that the focus
of the movie.

Then there's the amount of screeching and melodrama. And when Hush and
Joe were fighting in the casino how come nobody even batted an eye
except the kids? Wouldn't SOMEBODY have told them to be quiet? It's
things like that which took away from my enjoyment of this movie. Then
toward the end it got really tough. I mean every five minutes something
would come up to make it seem like Joe and Hush were finished. After
awhile it's tough not to think "Just get together already".

The movie is not at all unwatchable. It's not what I'd call bad. But
I'd only Give it a 5 or 6 or so for the reasons mentioned above. In
terms of positives there were a couple of things that really stuck out.
One was Sharon Stone in this role. When she lessened up on the
screeching she was excellent and I wish her character had been a
little-well-CALMER-because Stone is a really good actress when she's
playing quality Roles and I think, though she brought some nice aspects
to the role of Hush, she could have brought even more if the role had
been toned down a bit.

Now the SECOND and most important thing I liked was Billy Connolly as
Joe. He created a lovely character and even though I didn't love the
movie I did think he did a 10 of 10 in his portrayal of Joe. That was
without a doubt the highlight of the movie.

I kind of wish this movie had been either a straight out noir with
quieter characters, more mystery, and less screaming or a sweet family
drama. There seems to have been a lot of potential here because the
storyline in general sounds somewhat intriguing. But there was a lot
that seemed forced. The movie is not bad but was not great however the
character of Joe is one that I'll remember and if one is going to see
this movie they should see it for that reason. My vote for the movie
overall is about average.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I usually don't go for the sappy movies, however, if you find yourself
in the mood, this movie is a really good one. billy (joe) is an awesome
nice guy and really cute and lovable Scottish accent (his own). sharon
(alice) is awesome (with a cute southern accent) as the albatross
around her own and her kids' neck but learns her lesson about what's
important in the end. joe's long-time family friend turns out to be the
hit-man on joe's and alice's tail (hired by the bad bookies). and so
the bad guys get it in the end while joe's brain tumor operation goes
well, and alice and the kids (whom have fallen for joe as well) are at
his bedside to be there for him, as he was for their little family.
sappy but cuter than a junebug!


This is a by the numbers romantic comedy, which obviously has borrowed
heavily from a lot of successful movies in terms of the storyline
(terminal condition, bad girl/good guy, mob subplot, well hello).
Although not original, it’s not boring. It would though be just another
movie if not for Bill Connolly and Sharon Stone. They deliver mature,
convincing performances and genuinely succeed at creating empathy for
their characters. Especially Sharon Stone’s charm and natural beauty is
unparalleled. You really could fall for her even if she was the worst
person on earth.

So not a masterpiece, but not disappointing either.

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