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  • Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
    • Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
    • Runtime:72 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:17
    • Director: Andrew Knight
    • Genres: Animation, Family, Music
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas


This is one of the many straight to video sequels that Disney produced
in order to rake in more money from their films. Thankfully this is one
of the better ones and only adds to the magic of the original film. If
the film had had more depth and length it could have been a passable
cinema release.

One of the strengths of this film is that it reunites all of the
original voice cast and contains all the warmth of the first film. The
new songs are good if slightly overused.

It remains a good film that never really gets the recognition it
deserves. I am glad that it is now being packaged in a box-set with the
original because the two really do compliment each other.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

la. i always felt the original Disney animated film was sort of
overrated despite the fact that critics and audiences wet their
underwear and it was the first Disney animated film to be nominated for
best picture. not only is it one of the weaker full length animated
Disney features, it is also a mediocrity when you compare it to the
original B&W live action masterpiece by Cocteau. and this sequel really
takes the prize as one bland, over worked creme puff.

i wish the Disney corp. wouldn't do this. if there are any Disney fans
reading this i'll let in on a not so secret secret. Disney hated
sequels and usually refused to do them. if you doubt teacher here, go
read 'The American Original' or many of the original bios on Disney.
look for "give us more pigs", and you'll find out how Disney really
felt about this. the current Disney McGreed corporation is not keeping
the true spirit of Disney by always running everything into the ground.
look everyone. this is a question of simple esthetic's. sequels turn
the original experience into something heavy handed and drive the whole
experience into the ground. sequels are hardly ever the conceive of a
artistic mind but simply commercial marketing contrivances. they remove
us from the original perceptions and make us bored and too familiar
with the original characters and concepts. not all sequels are a bad
idea, but mostly they are, mostly. i don't know how the 'Harry Potter'
fans keep up their enthusiasm and their sanity.

it's a dark day when you want the villain to succeed and destroy the
heroes of the story. i found myself sympathetic with the evil pipe
organ as far as wanting to put an end to all this cheery banality. i
would have squashed that stupid little Bernadette Peters Christmas
ornament first for being so knowingly coy and cutesy and so dinky.

this passed the time. a little slowly, but it passed the time. and hey.
it was the only thing on worth watching at that time. and i didn't feel
like any strenuous brain work, so i guess it was good for that, i

recent Disney fans have got to stop being so demanding and stop letting
everything be overworked and milked to the bone. i feel like each of
these fans is a 'little mermaid' who keeps compulsively whining for
more and MORE AND MORE. i mean this attitude is like Ariel's longing on
maximum overdrive. hasn't anyone heard of overkill? yeeesh.

that's what all these sequels and remakes are. a bunch of overkill and
they ruin the initial experience. come on Disney corp. show some brains
and not marketing executive mentality. ditsy tripe like 'Santa Buddies'
will survive this kind of overkill, but the more quality productions
don't and they deserve better treatment and more respect than this. try
a new idea. it might work. Walter E. himself was always an original. he
might have adapted other people's work, but it was always an original
concept. if you think the Disney company doesn't have enough output,
teach your brats to revisit the Disney classics. or at least try other
family fare. it's sort of like the Mary wick's Gargoyle in Disney's 'Le
Bossu De Notre-Dame' said, "Don't ya all ever migrate?".


I watch this every year at Christmas, and I never grow tired of it. It
is not as good as the wonderful original, but is actually one of the
better DTV efforts, along with The King of Thieves. It is nowhere near
as bad as some people have said, and one commentator gave it a low
score solely on its continuity errors. Of course it has some, then
again, so does every single movie in existence, even the original
Beauty and the Beast. It is true that some of the animation falls a
little flat,(most of it though is crisp, clean and smooth) especially
with the dark backgrounds, but I liked the fact that it is darker than
the original, and not at all mean spirited. Mostly the animation isn't
bad at all, but I do think the computer animation stuck out like a sore
thumb. The songs are well above average, and the score by Rachel
Portman is beautiful. My favourite song is As long As There's
Christmas, and Stories is charming. The other songs aren't as
memorable, but bring a great character to the original storyline, about
Belle (who was slightly changed) trying to bring Christmas to the
Beast, and overcoming the many obstacles including the pipe organ
Forte. The voice overs were generally very good indeed. Fife is a tad
annoying, but totally bearable. Lumiere and Cogsworth are funny here,
and I really admire the late Jerry Orbach. Haley Joel Osment was cute
as Chip, and Angela Lansbury makes a welcome return as Mrs Potts, as
well as Belle and the Beast. The real treat is in the newcomers though.
Bernadette Peters is wonderful as the reluctant Angelique, and Tim
Curry does an exceptional Annie-nominated voice over as Forte, song
included. A perfect Christmas treat for Disney fans. 7/10 Bethany Cox

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