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  • Beethoven’s 2nd
    • Beethoven’s 2nd
    • Runtime:89 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:19:26
    • Director: Rod Daniel
    • Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Beethoven’s 2nd


I really enjoyed the first Beethoven, while it had its flaws, it was
cute and charming. This sequel has its contrivances and a little
mediocre in places, but it is a decent sequel, definitely one of the
more watchable ones in the franchise. The script is weak in places, and
the plot is something you will have seen before. Plus the pacing is
rather hectic, and the film could have been longer. That said it is
beautifully filmed, with lovely cinematography and even better scenery.
The music score I couldn't fault either, and the gags are
interesting(the hamburger contest was a riot). The acting is decent,
with Charles Grodin very entertaining as George and Bonnie Hunt
luminous as Alice. As the villains of the pieces, Debi Mazar and Chris
Penn also impress. But the real stars are the dogs, Beethoven is still
his funny and adorable self, but he is almost upstaged by the beautiful
and equally adorable Missy. Overall, has its problems, but as a sequel
it is watchable, certainly better than the rating here(and I also think
the first film is rated too low). 6/10 Bethany Cox


I have really enjoyed the first Beethoven film. But, hey, I've also
enjoyed this one. When I was a kid, I was very happy when I found out
that there's a sequel to the first film. But, of course, when you are a
kid, you love everything. Enough of that… let's see… This film is
very cute, cheerful, childish and (but) mediocre. The plot is very
simple. Beethoven finds a female Saint Bernard, and of course, later,
to make story even cuter, they've got puppies. But, the evil owner of
Missy (female Saint Bernard) has some wicked plans of her own, along
with her stupid boyfriend (a classic image of Cruela De Ville and her
two silly henchmen). Therefore, Newton family has a new riot in their
house. The weakness of this film is… too much mellow and irritating
romantic scenes! That was not necessary, at least not that much.
Somehow, we expected that, but… aw, man… that scenes, that music…
for the love of… Just speed up, and jump to next scene. But, still
it's enjoyable, fun and funny! Just for the family and kids. Watch it.


This sequel to the hit movie "Beethoven" is not bad, but the first one
is a better film. It's still amusing and entertaining enough and
cleverly it keeps the same main cast, but the plot is a bit more lame
and cheesy. Some characters are annoying too, like that ugly girl Ted's
in love with, the two bullies (more irritating than those from the
first one) and Taylor Devereaux's drunk friends, for example.

The villains of the story are Regina and Floyd, two cold and cruel
people who hate dogs and any kind of animal. They're not likable

George Newton is more amusing here than in the first one. Ted and Ryce
are beginning to show signs of teen age, which is not a bad thing, but
I rather then the way they are in the first movie. Not that Ryce is a
child in the first film, she simply is more teenager here. As for
Emily, she's still the very same cute and adorable child, although more

Although Beethoven is the main doggy star, this movie also focus on
Missy, the beautiful female St. Bernard-like dog. The puppies, of
course, are cute.

While still an okay family movie, some things about it are disturbing,
such as Taylor's intentions towards Ryce and that McDonald's scene when
the dogs and their owners make a contest to eat hamburgers in 3
minutes, which I consider a bit disgusting.

On the other hand, there's some classic humor too. One good example is
whenever George makes that funny suspicious face towards Ryce's boys.
Or the scene when Emily asks her father a question about babies and he
feels so embarrassed that he doesn't know how to explain well.

The main actors are still good here. I don't like Ryce's haircut here,
however. I rather her original haircut.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the movie Beethoven's 2nd, it is a lot better than Beethoven. The
characters were also great, especially Debi Mazar. In the scene where
Regina parked her car, got out of it, and walked over to her ex-husband
to get Missy from the park, I knew it was a woman and I also hoped that
she wouldn't be as creepy as Shelley Winters was in the 1973 movie
Cleopatra Jones. Fortunately, Debi Mazar does have a perfect skin
color, hairdo, and a body shape than Shelley. But the color of her eyes
were really creepy. Some the viewers brought up Cruella De Vil in this
and by looking at the color of Regina's eyes, the viewers had a point
based on the fact that she did one heck of an imitation of Cruella. She
was cruel to Missy and her kids, she was using Missy just because she
didn't want her divorce settlement to be worth peanuts without the dog,
and based on the fact that she threatened to kill her babies, Missy
should have bit Regina's rear, especially when Regina carried her away
from her babies. Cruella De Vil is nothing but the devil and was just
as slimy in the movie 102 Dalmatians than in 101 Dalmatians. Plus,
Regina is just as slimy as Cruella. On top of that, when Regina wore
all red, it made look more creepier than ever. But, her red outfit did
look good when she fell in the mud along with Floyd. Red is not her
color. As far as the character Regina, this is something to remember,
"Missy is not an aggressive dog, but if you do anything to her kids,
come over here so she can take a bite out of your rear." In the end,
Regina got what deserved. I'm glad the judge turned down Regina's claim
for the dog because she really didn't deserve Missy in the first place.
You know what they say, "Justice always wins."

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