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  • Before Sunrise
    • Before Sunrise
    • Runtime:105 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:56:15
    • Director: Richard Linklater
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Before Sunrise


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen parts of this movie over the years and cant believe its age
already. Finally sat down and watched it in its entirety and enjoyed it
as capturing romance effectively. Julie Delpy who has a more difficult
role due to her language background leads the story and the encounter
really making the movie. This one of the only romances or dramas that
effectively doesn't formula. Instead of there being a quarrel and
make-up, the tension is built on the issue of time. In excellent
quality blazing it's own path, the movie sticks with a real and
believable outcome. Best conversation scene in the movie was the
telephone calls and the character's divulging their attractions to one
another. Good for a more originality in storyline and the director's
choices to not cave to cliché. Recommended.


Nothing happens in "Before Sunrise." Two strangers, an American and a
French woman, meet on a train and spend an evening together in Vienna
– end of story. Few combinations of script, director and talent could
pull this off as a good movie, but Richard Linklater and stars Ethan
Hawke and Julie Delpy find a way.

Filmmaking has never been this simplistic or difficult. You couldn't
devise a film with a more generic premise, which is to say that you
couldn't make it any harder on yourself as a filmmaker to make
something from seemingly nothing. The characters have to not just be
likable, but lovable, the romance has to suck us in and the dialogue
has to shoulder the entire workload. Yet that's exactly what "Before
Sunrise" does. The ceiling for the film is pretty low, but it presses
right up against it.

Maybe the best part about the characters of Jesse and Celine is that
they're pretty normal- looking. They're both attractive, but subtly so,
which is where Linklater's film and typical Hollywood fare differ.
There's a layer of implicit sincerity there that we don't get from most
love stories where beautiful people do things we could only fantasize
about it on our best days. Jesse and Celine's connection is built on a
natural chemistry and everything might conveniently "work," but it
feels real and natural.

Hawke and Delpy sell us hard on being normal people. The discussions
they're provided in Linklater and Kim Krizan's script helps this along
nicely, but the moments they share, whether nervous and tentative,
tender or humorous are felt on all levels. What's written is never good
enough in a romance, but how the actors convince us of the truth to
their words with body language and communicating a multitude of signals
both to each other and to the camera. Their romance feels like the
romance we not only want to have, but unlike Hollywood, we also feel
like we can attain. That's what sets "Sunrise" apart.

Hard to imagine how this film came from the same mind as the man behind
"Slackers" and "Dazed and Confused." All good films, but the focus on
two characters here makes the difference. The real strength of the
script here lies in the creation of complex character backstory without
the use of expository writing or flashbacks. By the end of the film,
you know exactly the kind of people the two of them are, even though
you've only seen it through their interactions with each other.

"Before Sunrise" should definitely be considered the benchmark for
romance films. Literally no events occur in this film yet it stays
interesting through lively and sincere conversation from two actors
that have a knack for realism. Hundreds of films have and will be done
better in the romance genre, but the structural bones of "Before
Sunrise" are the most immaculate around. Even if a film doesn't put you
on edge or do something special, you have to be able to recognize great
intangibles and there's no arguing with those of "Sunrise."

~Steven C

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*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched this movie about 4 days ago. I am already forgetting a
lot of what happens in the movie. In four weeks I will probably forget
huge parts of the movie and in four months my only memory will be of
Ethan Hawke's terrible performance. We are introduced to Ethan sporting
some bad facial hair. So he meets this attractive girl and starts
talking to her. He somehow manages to convince her to get off with him
in Vienna. This came as a huge surprise for me due to the fact he plays
a character that has the social skills of an ape! He tells her of his
idea of watching a person for 24 hours on some cable TV programme. I
think at this point Ethan is more of a Hannibal Lecter than Humphrey
Bogart. So my theory of him being crazy was a little off but later on
through the movie my theory of him being an annoying human being was
spot on. So the film is trying to be artsy and romantic but it misses
by a long way. We go through the motions of a couple who go on a 1st
date and who have a great time. Constantly waiting for something
exciting to happen but alas poor Ethan doesn't even get laid in the
end. They don't exchange numbers and finally agree to meet in 6 months
at the train station. So we are left wondering but not caring what
would happen. So if there was genuine fans of this movie to would have
to wait just 9 years to see the sequel. I'm on the edge of my seat!!!!
Anyways they should have got each others emails and g chatted I hear
its great fun!!!


This movie makes me mad. 15 minutes into the movie I started to get
really bored of it. I looked it up around the net to see what other
people might think of it and it seemed to be getting good reviews so I
forced myself to watch it through to the end and I really hated it with

This movie is really pretentious, how can people like this movie? I see
no chemistry between the two characters, like AT ALL. I hate their
dialogues, they're just trying to act cool or smart in front of one
another. If they're trying to act smart in front of one another all the
time, how can they form "connection" with one another? I thought
connection exists when you speak about your real thoughts and real
feelings, real views on things and the other person relates to it in a
way. Sometimes you don't even need to say 'anything'.

The idea of the movie is actually very nice and could be made
believable, but my MAIN problem is the dialogues between the two
characters, and the no-chemistry between the two. Is that 'love'? The
only reason people love this movie is because they imagine themselves
caught in this situation and think 'oh, how romantic if it happens to

Seriously, I love Ethan Hawke. But I love him only for his looks, not
his acting. I never think he's a good actor. He never proves me wrong.

Give me 'Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind' any day, now that's a
real romantic movie that touches you deep in the heart it hurts. But
this one, NO.

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