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  • Bet Your Life
    • Bet Your Life
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:11
    • Director: Louis Morneau
    • Genres: Action
    • Studio:


HAH! So this is the movie that the "Next Action Stars" were getting
into. Well I’m glad that I didn’t participate and didn’t win…

Isn’t it funny how one can just look at the first 10 seconds(!) and
make up ones mind about a movie? I mean, come on! Just look at those
titles!? I watched this movie(or part of this "teleplay" since it was
produced for TV and we couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing) one
evening while doing my military service and the audience with me was
the typical hodge-podge of average guys that once in a while watch
series like Las Vegas just for the girls in the show. so the bar wasn’t
really high, the most watched movie in my group was Girl Next Door (and
it wasn’t because of the great script ;D . But this movie’s total lack
of originality, acting, scripting, and just about everything else that
makes a movie good made it pretty easy to switch channel to Las Vegas
(or was it CSI? don’t remember…) without any complaints by the rest
of the group. And that is rare(!) For heavens sake! Don’t by this
movie! If it’s on TV, then yes, watch it. And contemplate on it. My
conclusion? well, since Joel Silver has indeed produced some of the
best action-films out there (Die Hard, Matrix 1, to name some) I can
only say that producers don’t give the film it’s quality, they provide
money for the directors. And to sell this movie just because it’s a
Joel Silver movie is just a desperate attempt to conceal the obvious
flaws of the crew who really made it.


I thought this movie was excellent,for the fact that Corrine and Sean
are newcomers to the business.It was packed with action and a little
romance,but there were some points when Corrine didn’t speak very
clearly (when she threatened Sean with the gun) and she clenched her
teeth…maybe she was supposed to?I think the roles of Joseph and Sonny
were portrayed very well,and there was an obvious contrast.Also,because
i watched next action star,i am certain that Corrine and Sean did their
own stunts,which were performed very well.I am looking forward to
another movie by the pair,as they make a great team,or perhaps a sequel
to bet your life-possibly called ‘making it big in the big apple’,it
could this time be about Carmen..Bet your life is EXCELLENT!


This was the worst movie I have ever seen Billy Zane in. I understand
that this movie was mainly to showcase the new comers, who did pretty
good for newbies, but over all, the movie was not believable.

With all of the gunfire, you would think the police would have
intervened. Even the coin being a bug on Sean was stupid. The way Sean
suddenly realizes the coin is the bug, was not realistic.

Looks like this movie was slapped together fast. Poor job. Get a better

The count down to the end was not in sync with anything. It took longer
to fight. And what a coincidence that each time Billy was going to
blast Sean, he’d be out of bullets. Once, I can believe, but not twice.

Actually, Billy’s character was goofy. It was so stupid when Sean
punches him out at the end. It was like a comedy. Bad! Bad! Bad!

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