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  • Bio-Dome
    • Bio-Dome
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:25
    • Director: Jason Bloom
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:


In summary: rent it/download it now if you want a silly comedy with
plenty of laughs.

I recently watched this movie again after a few years and I still find
it hilarious. I don't know what kind of serious plot people are
expecting, but it's meant to be taken as seriously as something like
Billy Madison.

The dialogue is full of great one-liners that you don't always pick up
the first couple times watching, because you're too busy laughing at
something else.

The total randomness and watching these guys constantly dancing around
for no reason just cracks me up.

It slows down a bit near the end where it turns into the usual
Hollywood 'get the bad guy, save the day' stuff. It could used some
more creativity during this part, but everything else in the movie
makes it worth it.

If you're a fan of silly comedies, college humour, and slapstick, then
you definitely need to give this movie a go. There's nothing overly
offensive either, so it's safe for older kids.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10. It may not be an Oscar-winner, but it
kept me laughing the whole way through and had a ton of randomness to
stop me from predicting the story like you can with so many movies
these days. It kept *me* entertained more than many blockbusters, and
that's the whole reason I watch movies in the first place. So I happily
give Bio-Dome a high score.


Stupid is, as stupid does is the theme in this movie. Its a universally
hated film that has been panned by every critic around. Common
slapstick and farce driven movies tend to be negative targets for
critics, but this one is ultimately at the top of its list for the
category. Im talking about Bio-Dome. A strangely amusing movie about
two stoners dealing with the environment (great combination).

Idiot collegians, Bud Macintosh (Pauly Shore) and Doyle Johnson
(Stephen Baldwin). Residing in Arizona, the duo are in hot water with
their girlfriends, Monique (Joey Lauren Adams) and Jen (Teresa Hill)
after a desperate excuse to get out of helping the environment on Earth
Day. The duo prove they can by venturing across Arizona in which they
become locked inside a Bio-Dome, in which they mistake for a mall.

The duo are unable to leave the dome seeing as the workers must remain
in their for exactly a year. If contracted with "outside air" the
experiment will be ruined. Naturally, the duo are carefree and decide
to screw around in the enclosed case as if it's their prime home. The
workers get aggravated, and try to cope with the duo. But they are so
irresponsible and unreliable it's and unbelievable frustration.

As much as I heard Luke warm to abysmal reviews, I just had to watch it
and give my honest opinion about it. I actually tolerated the entire
thing. To my knowledge, this was originally set to be the third Bill
and Ted film in the franchise. We can call this the scrapped Bill and
Ted, or the Bill and Ted spin off. Regardless, it's a fun, rulefree
movie, that shouldn't be taken seriously. As well as being just a fun
movie, with good ol' stoner humor. Pre-Half Baked.

Starring: Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, William Atherton, Joey, Lauren
Adams, and Kylie Minogue. Directed by: Jason Bloom.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's not a movie with a lot of problems. The matters that I hated
weren't many.

Firstly the 2 leads. It's a basis in Hollywood, rather the world, that
you know what's loved about you and utilize it. Pauly Shore became
famous due to his special style of talking and joking on MTV. It's not
a bad thing till you do it ALL THE TIME. I kept thinking that this time
the script's actual material was ignored to have these unceasing awful
antics of Shore along with his co-star too. Well, they were loose,
totally loose, to do whatever they wanted, and the problem is that what
they did want was disastrous. They acted as drunken baboons; that could
have been good, but the outcome was nothing but so loud scream of a
performance !

Believe it or not, despite delivering unfunny imbecility here, I could
stand Shore, but Stephen Baldwin OH MY GOD !!?? By selecting him the
movie died, and with his acting it has been mutilated ! He was Pauly
Shore's ugliest impersonator EVER, doing what I consider as the lowest
pathetic comedy, being the real evil of this movie. Why didn't they
bring a co-star with a talent or charisma ?!! (It was annoying enough
to just look at him !). So with Shore and Baldwin, it was like a half
of a smile mixed with a complete grin !!

Secondly, some minor flaws in the script, for instance : what are the
jobs of the leads? How they got all of that money to make the big party
at the bio-dome? Why exactly William Atherton's character (the manager
scientist) gone crazy at the end ? And the strange transformation of
the 2 leads ?? They suddenly became great humans out of ruination's
machines ??!!

On the other hand : the Bio-Dome, as a place, looked really fresh and
unusual. The basic plot was smart. The pace was fast. The soundtrack,
with non-stop rock all the way, succeeded in making the movie a lot
faster and lively, managing to fill the gaps of the blank, supposedly
droll, moments. And Kylie Minogue was freaking HOT, even her voice was
so sexy; did you hear her saying "the system of balance" Oh God, you're
the system babe and the balance!

It fits being a study about the bourgeois's dullness. You can feel –
through the movie's lame sketches – the bored-to-death well-off kids,
the out of work spoiled youth, the lazy couch potato's mentality.
Sometimes the 2 leads represented a different breed of savages, being
the 20th centenary's new cavemen ! Actually, their idiot texts (the
language they speak, the moves their bodies do, the games they
play,…etc) seemed taken directly from an authentic brat's diary (most
probably Shore himself), which's maybe the highest "truthful" thing
this movie has. However, as a whole, some will laugh or smile, seeing
themselves in these eccentric behaviors, and some won't !

It follows the footsteps of the stupid 2 buddies' formula. This formula
kind of hit the American cinema since the late 1980s, where the 2 comic
leads are no singing prince charming and a joke of a sidekick,
intelligent and dumb, handsome and bizarre, or in brief : not having
the Mickey Mouse and Goofy's kind of structure anymore. With Bill &
Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989), Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
they turned into 2 perfectly goofy goofs. Dumb & Dumber (1994) was a
peak for the newborn fashion, which encouraged the producers so
powerfully to make more money and dumb heroes. So it's not a surprise
that much of Bio-Dome was taken from the scrapped third movie in the
Bill & Ted trilogy.

Now look at the career of Pauly Shore. His first starry role was in
(Encino Man – 1992), it grossed $40.6 million. In the next year (Son in
Law – 1993) groused $36.4 million. Then (In the Army Now – 1994) did
$28.8 million, (Jury Duty – 1995) did $17 million, and finally
(Bio-Dome – 1996) did $13.4 million. It seems as if Hollywood consumed
all of its chances with him, giving 5 movies in 5 years, with fewer
profits every time. I think in the first 4 movies there were auxiliary
troops or side elements to help the guy out. Unluckily this time he got
the most awful one ever; Mr. Stephen Baldlose! Not to mention that he,
Shore, nearly wrote all the dialog, or dealt with the already written
gags terribly. Otherwise this is the rock bottom of dialog in a
cinematic comedy !

Bio-Dome isn't totally unwatchable or that bad, it is originally a good
movie swept by a storm of redundant stupidity. However it can overcome
its little hell of problems to be bearable and amusing for utterly
goofy 88 minutes. It's similar to a small bag of potato chips, well,
chips with the mustard flavor! Anyway, historically speaking, Adam
Sandler and Jim Carry began as downright morons in many movies then
moved on. Now Pauly Shore began as the same then stopped. Maybe he's
unlucky fellow, or maybe he's simply a moron. Unfortunately this movie
assures that he's both !


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh, my mind, my mind, 2+2=4, wait, does it? I think it equals 19? I'm
not sure, I've lost so many brain cells while watching this movie. One
of my friends had mentioned this movie to me, we were talking about how
some stoner flicks are fun, he mentioned Biodome. I had never heard of
it, but he said that he saw it once in junior high and it was
hilarious, so I was kind of curious to see it. Pauly Shore, the guy is
annoying but can sometimes be funny, so I figured I would have an open
mind to it. Now here's the thing about this movie that I'm still trying
to figure out, I did not laugh once, I didn't even laugh at the sheer
stupidity of this film, is that even possible? I just ended up crying
so hard after this movie, I couldn't believe how stupid this movie was.
When I called my friend, he said that it was funny in junior high at
least, I don't know, maybe I did give the film too much credit from the
get go, but judging from the rating on IMDb, I don't think I'm alone on
how stupid this movie is.

Doyle and Bud are best friends who pull a stunt to get out of Earth Day
activities with their Earth conscious girlfriends, Monique and Jen.
When the girls find out about it, they decide to get even by pretending
to have met two men at the event and gave Bud and Doyle a red herring
location. The two leave to go after them but soon realize they were
fooled. On the way home, they pull off the road at the Bio-Dome, which
they mistake for a mall, and are turned away by a security guard at the
entrance. They get around this by using firecrackers as a distraction
and by the time they are ready to leave, they find they have been
sealed inside.The scientists, and chief investor Mr. Dick Leaky,
discuss what to do about the situation. Mr. Leaky wants the two out
immediately. The scientist in chief, Dr. Noah Faulkner, decides since
the experiment depends on the time of one year, they must stay and the
system will have to adapt to 7, not 5, people. This soon proves to be a
mistake as Bud and Doyle aren't the most environmentally friendly

I just will never get how anyone could ever find this movie funny,
Stephen Baldwin and Pauly Shore have no chemistry what so ever and
their stupidity is more annoying rather than funny. Every scene where
they're screwing up something for these scientists made me want to
punch them and the fact that the girl scientists(that are Victoria
Secret rejects) find them hot is just… I can't even come up with a
word, forgive my low IQ on this one, this is what Bio-Dome has done to
me. I really tried to give this movie a chance, I accepted this absurd
plot and tried to go with everything, but it's just impossible when the
two main characters have no chemistry. At a time when Beavis and
Butt-Head were really popular, I think people were trying to cash in on
the stoner audience, but while Beavis and Butt-Head were clever and was
a stupid funny situation with them, Pauly and Stephen just don't work
well together. Just to think of the money spent on this film that could
have gone to starving children, the sick, the poor, the homeless, the
abused, education… well, if I continue on what else the money budget
could have been spent on, I'm wasting time when I could be reading a
novel trying to get my brain cells back. As you can tell, I'm not going
to be kind with this rating, believe me, this movie wasted my time and
if I ever see the director, I am going to take the DVD case and beat
him to death with this movie.


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