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  • Black Scorpion
    • Black Scorpion
    • Runtime:92 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:53
    • Director: Jonathan Winfrey
    • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Black Scorpion


Well, for a super hero movie it had potential, but it lost it

Joan Severance is a hottie and surely fit well into the skimpy outfit
she wore, however the lame script, lousy effect, uninteresting action
and over all production made this a go nowhere film.

For the rest of the costumes were pretty hooky – bad to say the least.

Also the strip bar scene – even though I liked it, really had no place
in the entire movie – as well as the opening scene of her and a hooker
on the stroll. Not that I am against anything with hookers or sexy
women, but somehow, it just didn't fit. Neither did the love story,
neither did the overdone jokes about smoking, neither did the swearing.

Maybe a rework and a larger budget would have done this some justice,
but it failed several minutes after the credits opened.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Black Scorpion is set in the City of Angels where Darcy Walker (Joan
Severance) works as a cop, Darcy & her partner Michael Russo (Bruce
Abbott) screw up during a bust & a suspect goes free. Darcy talks to
her ex-cop father (Rick Rossovich) about it, while they chat in a bar
the district attorney Thomas Aldridge (John Sanderford) walks in &
shoots Stan dead for no apparent reason, Darcy is shocked & in an
attempt to get some answers threatens the DA at gunpoint which gets her
fired. Angry about the injustice she sees Darcy decides to take the law
into her own hands & dresses in black latex to resemble a Scorpion &
becomes a vigilante as Darcy dishes out her brand of justice to the
criminals of Angel City. Dubbed the Black Scorpion by the media Darcy
soon finds herself up against a mysterious madman named the Breathtaker
who has devised a plan to poison Angel City…

Directed by Jonathan Winfrey this made for telly superhero comic book
flick is a poor mans cross between Batman (1989) & Barb Wire (1996)
with both featuring comic book style superheroes & female character's
who wear very fetishistic clothing, to be honest Black Scorpion is fun
on a dumb sort of level but I couldn't really say it was particularly
good. At 90 odd minutes the film moves along at a fair pace although
the tone is maybe a bit uneven as the the superhero crime fighting bits
are silly (Darcy having to say 'Yo!' to her car to get it to do
anything) the serious moments about deep personal loss come across as
misplaced. The plot isn't very good & if you think about the plot it
falls apart, how can an ordinary cop suddenly become a electrical
genius & invent those things which make her jump about 30 feet in the
air or if the cops know that the Breathtaker is going to release deadly
gas from various towers around Angel City (he went on TV & announced
it) why didn't they just destroy the towers?

The action scenes are rather forgettable, there's a couple of basic car
chases (one car chases another, that's it) & some martial arts fights
as the Black Scorpion kicks ass. The costumes look cheap, the Black
Scorpion costume looks to have been inspired by Catwoman in Batman
Returns (1992) & is all black vinyl, high heeled boots, long gloves & a
half face mask that is very fetish in style & I will admit even at 37
when she made Black Scorpion leading lady Joan Severance looks good in
the outfit. The fight between the Black Scorpion & a cop on a rooftop
when they end up kissing with one unaware of the other's identity is
lifted straight from a very similar scene in Batman Returns. Like all
good superheros the Black Scoirpion has her own car which can change
shape courtesy of some cheap CGI effects & she has her own equally
larger than life enemy in the Breathtaker who uses asthmatics as his
henchmen, the instance of having the main villain personally &
emotionally tied to the hero is also standard comic book superhero fare
& here it comes across as contrived. Considering this was made for
telly it quite violent & there's a fair bit of nudity too.

Filmed on what looks to be a low budget the production values are cheap
& the whole thing feels cheap. The acting isn't great, Severance looks
good in latex & boots but has no real screen presence & the one-liners
fall flat although Stephen Lee is amusing as the stressed out chain
smoking police Captain & as usual Bruce Abbott turns in a good

Black Scorpion is an OK camp superhero comic book adventure film, it's
watchable in a mindless way & Severance in latex looks great but
overall there's not much here to get excited about. Has no connection
to the giant bug film The Black Scorpion (1957) & was followed by Black
Scorpion II: Aftershock (1997) & a Black Scorpion (2001) TV series that
ran for twenty-two episodes.


I can't say as I expected all that much of this one but to its credit
it was actually a pretty entertaining and easygoing affair that kept me
watching and drew a few mild chuckles out of me, along with being
occasionally slightly exciting. It tells of hot police lady Darcey
Walker, suspended for beating a prisoner, who decides to don a skimpy
costume and become the heroic vigilante Black Scorpion, administering
rough justice to various criminal types, before in classic comic book
style coming up against an evil genius with a good plan for serious
mayhem. The main draw here is Joan Severance as Darcy/Black Scorpion, a
darn fine looking lady with good screen presence and likable to, she
brings the material to life and gives the film an effective verve.
Regrettably she's no fighter though, and the action and choreography is
never especially inspired, but it does have a certain sense of fun
rough 'n tumble to it. Helpfully there is a fair portion of action too,
stopping the film from ever getting dull. Director Jonathon Winfrey has
a little style but not much genuine flair but things are never taken
too seriously and the plotting is occasionally quite decent, the film
begins well, Darceys first outings as Black Scorpion are nicely done
and the main baddie has a good back story. As far as acting goes no one
is that noticeable, save Garret Morris as car designer for our
Scorpion, effortlessly amusing without being overbearing in his
portrayal his light performance suits the material perfectly. Bruce
Abbot puts on a decent enough show as Darcey's partner as well, a good
regular straight cop role. The film needed a better ending and would in
general have been more suited to straight to video rather than TV, more
sleaze and violence could have made this a minor gem I think, though
there is a wee bit of nudity and a little violence, mostly at the
beginning. A fair amount of action for sure, but the fighting is a bit
soft for my liking on the whole. Also, just generally the film never
rises above mindless time filler, just about reasonable fun but
mindless and forgettable, I won't be revisiting it any time soon for
sure. Still, its altogether not too bad, might be worth a look if you
have the time to waste and Joan Severance is pretty sweet in it.

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