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  • Boys Don’t Cry
    • Boys Don’t Cry
    • Runtime:118 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:08:59
    • Director: Kimberly Peirce
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


Brandon Teena (December 12, 1972 – December 31, 1993) was an American
trans man who was raped and murdered in Humboldt, Nebraska in December
1993. Does this wikipedia information attract you to watch 'Boys Don't
Cry'? Honestly, some true stories are hard to even listen. And harder
to watch them on the Silver-Screen!

'Boys Don't Cry' is an incredible film. Biopics on people who became a
topic and remained as such, are easier to make. For example, a
Alexander or a Ray don't need an introduction. But a Brandon Teena, his
emotions, are tough to explore. Sad, but fact, Teena died at the age of
21 of a brutal murder. Controversy caught the film, many claiming it as
a half-hearted attempt.

As a film, 'Boys Don't Cry', as mentioned, is an incredible film.
Kimberly Peirce & Andy Bienen write a biopic, on a short-lived Trans
Man with high volume. People say 'You Know, The Final 30-Minutes are
Very Depressing'. I damn-en those comments, because… This isn't an
easy film to watch right from the beginning. You need a strong heart to
watch this film. It tears you apart, it makes you feel like a loser. In
it's intentions, 'Boys Don't Cry' succeeds big time.

Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena, is magnificent. The actress who won wide
acclaim and numerous awards for her performance here, is actually a
under statement. She delivers a performance what an actor only dreams
about! It's a Hallmark Performance! Chloë Sevigny as Brandon's
girlfriend, Lana, is another topper. She is fantastic. Peter Sarsgaard
delivers a bravura performance, as well.

On the whole, A Must Watch film! WOW!


Having somehow missed all the media coverage of the Brandon<->Teena
murder case when it occurred, I watched this film unaware that it was
based on a true story. After slogging the entire way through the ugly,
depressing, predictable ending; and wondering what, beyond its
undoubted brilliance in acting and cinematography, was the point, I
discovered this fact only by reading on the screen, just before the
credits rolled, that the perps were serving life sentences. Oh. That
changes everything. Or does it?

My hypothesis was confirmed, incidentally, that (with just a few
exceptions such as the refreshingly un-PC _About_a_Boy_) the
unlikeliest recent book or movie to feature a real boy character is one
with the word "boy" in the title. Have you noticed?

Being transgendered must be a very difficult card to be dealt in life,
much more painful than being merely gay. Brandon easily won my sympathy
on those grounds, but it was strained by the company he chose to keep.
The moral of this story is very clear: Any young person with his
condition and lack of career ties, with or without his stated ambition
to live in Memphis or some-such metropolis, should head there
immediately– by sticking out a thumb on the highway if necessary–
rather than hanging around small towns in the American "heartland."

There is a reason why gay people are such a presence in New York and
San Francisco, and why they gravitate to urbane "cultural" occupations:
while we will inevitably encounter individuals who don't like us very
much, at least they are civilized enough not to stoop to actual mayhem
and murder. And there's a reason why "civilized" derives from the Latin
for "city". We have appreciated this for decades if not centuries. Many
of us have also read _Lord_of_the_Flies. In this sense, the adjective
"disturbing" for this film and its denouement is not only a cliché but
a curiously naive one. Would someone who finds the word insightful
please elaborate as to which of their assumptions it has disturbed?

There is some cold comfort, I suppose, in pondering that social
developments may soon, for awhile, make Teena's affliction obsolete.
Other than semen, whose necessity biological research has not yet
managed to eliminate, there is less and less said for maleness. One
reads, for example, of a revival of beekeeping as a hobby. Is it
surprising that many of the revivalists are women who readily explain
how they admire the social structure of the hive? From the queen on
down, most of the work is done by females. The drones are luxuries,
grown in great numbers during prosperous times, but idle, powerless
(literally with no sting), and summarily banished and left to starve or
freeze as soon as the weather changes.

In the post-industrial West, too, women's liberation means the ability
to go anywhere and do anything, reducing masculinity to ornamental
pastimes (often via tough and noisy motor vehicles) which our feckless
Johns, Toms, and Brandons pursue with ever-more-desperate swagger. They
may live in a midwestern backwater (which Mark Twain, I think, said
would be the best place to be when the world is ending, because
everything happens ten years later), but even they are by now children
of their time.

In one regard, however, Brandon's instincts were old-fashioned: when
appealing to the "opposite" sex, he was all courtesy and chivalry–
and, despite having from all appearances yet to reach puberty, this
approach was successful. Maybe there's hope yet.

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