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  • Bright Star
    • Bright Star
    • Runtime:119 min
    • Release Date:2016-10-25 18:38:17
    • Director: Jane Campion
    • Genres: Biography, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


With her poetic drama Jane Campion makes two hours feel like fifteen
minutes in heaven in this story about a secret romance that starts of
in London 1818 between struggling poet John Keats and the girl next
door Fanny Brawne. When their love for one another is revealed they are
faced with strong resistance, but their bond has gotten so strong that
there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

Six years has passed since one of times most important female
director's made the thriller "In the cut" (2003). Her newest film is
based on Andrew Motions "KEATS: A Biography" from 1987 and is a hearty
ovation to romantic poet John Keats (1795-1821), that depicts the tree
last years in his life and focuses on the relationship between him and
19 year old Fanny Brawne, that would become his life's love.

With sophisticated camera movements Campion visualizes the romance in
the characters and nature as she attempts to drag out the essence off
Keats''poems. Her use of linear narrative holds this character drama
together, and in several of the most artistic scenes Keats is quoted
through Ben Wishaw's characteristic voice-over. The emotional substance
in Abbie Cornish's interpretation compliments Campions lyrical film
style and the chemistry between her and Ben Wishaw is present in ever
scene they share. Paul Schneider is also splendid in his supporting
role as Keats best friend. "Bright Star" is encouraged by the colorful
interiors and exteriors that is in style with, contrasts and emphasizes
the remarkable costumes.

With her personal signature, New Zealand director Jane Campion creates
rarely seen scenes of literary poetry that are enhanced by the
atmospheric violin music from Mark Bradshaw, and returns to the genre's
she more than mastered in "An angel at my table" (1990) and "The Piano"
(1993). For her eight picture so far she was nominated for the Palme'd
or in Cannes for the third time. "Bright Star" is in my eyes an
enchanting story that articulates and visualizes love's life with
exquisite images, gesticulations and lines.

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