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  • Brother’s Keeper
    • Brother’s Keeper
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:17
    • Director: Mel Damski
    • Genres: Drama, Sport
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Brother’s Keeper


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pretty great movie He gets a little push from an outside source from
his families past and that is all he needs to step up to his potential
and be a very good collegiate wrestler. Until the end, they score the
match wrong. Cal and the other guy were 4-11 and Cal was in the
down-position (the other guy had control) Cal pulled off the cradle
which would give him 2 points for a reversal. Then he held the other
guy on his back for 15 seconds, he only needed 5 seconds to get 3
points near-fall. That would give him 5 points total and tie the match
at 11. I guess it isn't that big of a deal, it just bothered me that
they would make a movie about wrestling and screw up the scoring on the
final, most important match of said movie. They should have gone into
overtime if they scored it right. Other than that it was a good movie
about high school wrestling, similar feel to "Vision Quest"(1985).


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WWE films breaks away from their usual action flicks (& the already
forgotten box office stinker, the entertaining horror flick, SEE NO
EVIL) to bring us this touching & entertaining drama about a skinny,
slightly nerdish kid, CAL CHETLEY (Played wonderfully by talented actor
DEVON GRAYE) who seeks out his older troubled brother MIKE (Played by
current WWE superstar JOHN CENA) to help him learn the art of
wrestling. Soon Cal is turned from wrestling loser to a wrestling
winner, as the youth gets stronger & smarter in the circled mat & soon
is on his way to the finals where he will take on an undefeated student
champion, however as he is making his way up to the finals, he begins
to wonder if he can really pull this off, or if he's making a big
mistake…LEGENDARY is a pretty good, heart warming film that deserves
extra credit for being very well told, acted & directed. JOHN CENA
turns in a good performance as the older brother & the film has a very
moving & attention getting way of pulling it's audience in, kind of in
a ROCKY sort of way. WWE has finally found out that JOHN CENA is not
the marketing phenomenon like HULK HOGAN was in the eighties & early
nineties & have such has wisely sent this direct to DVD. That's not a
slur on Cena's part, since again he turns in a good performance, but
with fan interest in wrestling currently plummeting little by little,
LEGENDARY's filmmakers have wisely kept this off the big screen &
promoted the film during their programing (where I must have seen it
played at least ten or twenty times on each of the shows) Highly
recommended to wrestling fans (but not just them, as even non wrestling
fans should enjoy this as well) the story is none to original & is a
tad long in the tooth & a silly romance brings it down a little, but
otherwise, this is worth a rental & is a cut above most of the WWE's
current product of films.

**** stars

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