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  • Bullets Over Broadway
    • Bullets Over Broadway
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:54:50
    • Director: Woody Allen
    • Genres: Comedy, Crime
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Bullets Over Broadway


Another wonderful Woody Allen comedy, this film is all about playwright
David Shayne (John Cusack) and just how far he will compromise his
artistic integrity to get himself and his play talked about in all the
right circles by all the right people. This leads to him allowing a
gangster's moll (Jennifer Tilly) to play a main part, becoming smitten
with an ageing starlet (the wonderful Dianne Wiest, never in better
comic form), being helped in rewrites by the man (Chazz Palminteri)
chosen to look after the gangster's moll and generally dealing with a
number of strange people who need careful attention paid to their egos
(Tracey Ullman and Jim Broadbent being the other main pair).

Written (with Douglas McGrath) and directed by Allen, as usual, this
movie may not be the most intelligent or most philosophical in the New
Yorker's illustrious career but it deftly blends a lot of genuine fun
and laugh out loud moments with some minor musing on just what the
artist needs in his life to fill his heart. Fleeting acceptance or
genuine love?

All of the performances are splendid (with the top marks going to
Tilly, Broadbent and Wiest) and while some may feel that the characters
are rather broadly played for easy laughs I tend to think that each one
gets just enough time on screen to be more than just a one-joke
caricature. But I would say that, simply due to the fact that I could
watch Dianne Wiest saying "don't speak" on a constant loop (just watch
the movie and you'll know what I mean).

Warm, witty and full of great actors, I rank this as one of my
favourite Woody Allen movies and hope others love it too.


Woody Allen will always be remembered as a director who could create
situations in which characters talk frequently and superbly. In this
film, he puts together his spin on life and conversation with the
setting of the 1920s Broadway background to create a memorable and
sweet film about a group of people that we become so enamored with that
they turn out to be more than characters; they become human beings on

A terrific cast bolsters this already fine story as we witness a young,
idealistic writer/director of the stage (John Cusack) attempt to have
his play unscathed by the actors. He soon casts a great Margo
Channing-type legend (Dianne Weist), a wacky side-lady (Tracy Ullman),
a great actor with an eating fetish and a mobster's girlfriend
attempting to break into acting but doesn't quite have the chops. The
key to the whole story is the character of the mobster's hit-man,
played by Chazz Palmenteri who turns out to be the most theatrically
sophisticated and wise of all the characters. Here, Allen shows that
genius can come from the most unlikely of sources and also uses it to
bring out a number of great comical scenes as well.

I guess the best thing to say about this movie is how wonderful Woody
Allen's writing is. By this time, he has gotten down the pacing and
rhythm so perfectly that it truly is an art-form for him to write
screenplays. And, as always in a Woody Allen movie, the actors are
terrific and have great fun by playing the parts with gusto and joy.
This is a much lighter effort than say, Husbands and Wives or Crimes
and Misdemeanors, but it stays in the tradition of Allen able to mix
together great dialogue, unique characters and a story that unfolds so
easily and delightfully. A treasure unlike any other, Woody Allen
creates a fun film one right after the other.

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