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  • Carlito’s Way
    • Carlito’s Way
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:25
    • Director: Brian De Palma
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Carlito’s Way


I remember seeing parts of this film back in the nineties, but I think
this is the first time I've seen it all the way through. This is a very
decent gangster movie; I was impressed with both the performances of
the main cast and the production. But more of that later, here's a
short summary first (summary haters please wait in the car with
Pachanga; we got some business to attend to…) Carlito Brigante has just
got out of jail on a technicality. He was supposed to go down for
thirty years, but thanks to the hard work of his lawyer, David
Kleinfeld, he gets out in five. He vows that he will not return to his
life of crime and intends to go straight from now on. This, as we
discover, proves a little harder than Carlito at first thinks. Things
have changed a lot on the streets in the five years he's been inside,
but there are still some of his old associates about. Carlito has a
plan, a plan that depends on him getting his hands on $75,000. The
trouble is there are not very many legitimate ways to get your hands on
that kind of cash. David Kleinfeld sets him up with a job, running a
night club that he has a stake in and, at first, things seem to be
running OK. He re-kindles the relationship with his ex-girlfriend,
Gail, a dancer, and she is keen for him to go straight also. But then
he is slowly dragged back into the world he is trying to escape by
David and the colourful company he has dealings with. I will leave my
summary there; don't want to give too much away.

Although I found it a little long, I did enjoy this film. For the most
part it is engaging and it is sometimes slightly unpredictable. Great
cinematography and I thought the use of music was also very well done.
Great performances from Al Pacino as Carlito 'Charlie' Brigante, Sean
Penn as David Kleinfeld and Penelope Ann Miller as Gail. Honourable
mentions must also go to, John Leguizamo as Benny Blanco, Ingrid Rogers
as Steffie, Luis Guzmán as Pachanga and Viggo Mortensen as Lalin.

As I've already said, I felt this film was a little too long. I also
felt that a little too much was made of the love story between Carlito
and Gail. I think that Pacino maybe isn't as convincing on screen as a
romantic lead. But having said that, the love story does have its place
at the send of the day. Quite an enjoyable film over all with some
great performances… Recommended.

My score: 7.9/10


Brian De palma has both style and substance in his films. Undertones of
scarface are buried under the surface in carlito's way. But to state
that both are similar is idiotic. Tony was a rag to riches story while
carlito stands on the complete opposite of the pole. Carlito a big
timer, a figure who is known and after serving five years in prison, he
wants to leave his past behind and to locate himself in a new location,
away from all the crime. That the plot and being 145 minutes long, it
good to enough to keep you hooked from start to finish.

Al pacino does his typical gangster role but seeing that he delivers
every time (past couple of years he been of his game )i have no problem
seeing him act out the role. A huge amount of credit goes to him. While
his past is kept secret, you know carlito has done so pretty bad things
in his life, you know he used to be cold blooded killer not so long
ago. but despite all this, you can't help but like him.

I had mix feeling on the soundtrack. The club scenes, very familiar
with Scarface, jointed well the songs but my worst gripe with it was
during the Love scene. For a gangster film, i thought it was too corny.

Another problem was with the final act. Nothing wrong with the cat and
mouse scene, that was brilliant but it the fact that we all knew what
was coming which ruined somewhat of the suspense for me. Plus, not to
mention the predictable ending, in which, it was easy to know who was
going to do it.

Apart from that, this is a overall strong gangster film with fantastic
acting. No doubt Al pacino made this role his own and with other strong
actors such as Sean Penn staring, there not very much that could of
gone wrong.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Carlito's way is a master class for budding writers and directors of
how to do an understated beautiful gangster film. For me the opening
sequence sums it up; Carlito has just been shot and rather than high
action and colossal amounts of blood we are given black and white,
quiet and serenity. It feels like the camera never stops moving
twisting and turning from Carlito's POV to the bystanders, this effect
mimics the sick feeling of passing in and out of consciences incredibly
well and at times is hard to watch. The nineteen-forte esquire Humphrey
Bogart style voice over is the icing on the cake, it's not
self-indulgent or corny, and it doesn't give away the rest of the film
but wets the appetite for what is to come.


Carlito's way is in my opinion among the 5 best gangster-movies ever
made.Everything in this movie is perfect,the story is perfect,the
direction of Brian De Palma is perfect and the acting is more than
perfect.Actually Carlito's Way is one of the best movies ever made and
surprisingly one of the most underrated ,taking into consideration the
fact that this movie was not even nominated for a single damn
Oscar!This movie has great amounts of suspense and of course a
breathtaking rhythm.Al Pacino's as well as Sean Penn's acting is as i
outlined above perfect,literally perfect.Al Pacino in the role of the
Puerto Rican ex-drug lord and convict who just want to stay away from
the drugs and the whole mafia thing,and Sean Penn in the role of the
wanna be tough,lawyer respectively.To cut the long story short,Brian De
Palma's Carlito's Way is one of the greatest movies of all time and
maybe the greatest gangster-movie of all time.

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