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  • Carrie
    • Carrie
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:50
    • Director: Brian De Palma
    • Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


Based on Stephen King's novel, "Carrie" is a classic horror film
directed by Brian DePalma and one of the greatest movies from the
1970's that still echoes in our minds and in the popular culture.

If in many high school themed movies there's always a shy and lonely
character who gets abused by everyone in the school and sometimes in
the family we owe this characteristic to Carrie White, the main
character played by Sissy Spacek. And if we sometimes identify with the
tragedy of the character, with a possible chance for revenge the ones
who are bad to us, you gotta recognize: you have a part of Carrie
inside of you. I don't know how Stephen King idealized this story or
his motivations but all I can say is that it works, it scares yet it
makes you look at life with a different perspective.

Carrie had a hard religious education at home with her mother (Piper
Laurie, excellent) that looks more the devil himself than a woman who
preaches the Gospel. And the teenage girl doesn't know how to behave
herself during classes at school, or even taking a shower when she
finally had her first period (a scene meant to be more dramatically sad
than scary, except for the music) and she gets mocked by her colleagues
all the time.

The film evolves into a dramatic story but there's a catch. In the
middle of the drama we find out that Carrie has special powers, she can
move or break objects with the power of her mind, and that's something
she can't control quite right and no one knows she has this ability.
I'll won't spoil more things, I'm gonna let you see for yourself, but
by this time you can possibly know what's the horror in this story.

I must admit I had a total dislike over this film when I watched a few
years ago; now I understand why it's an effective and powerful film,
and why it was relevant in 1976 and still is today. DePalma released
"Carrie" on the same year of many great classics whose major themes
were "We're mad as hell and we're not gonna take this anymore!".

Carrie White is no different than Howard Beale ("Network"), Travis
Bickle ("Taxi Driver"), Rocky Balboa ("Rocky") and the Woodstein team
("All the President's Men"). Strange mixing of films some might think
but if you look back to all these characters and their struggle to
challenge everything and everyone, is quite similar from one to
another. In the scene where Carrie stood up and says to her mother that
she'll go the prom with a boy for the first time in her life you can
see the exactly same thing when Howard Beale shouted the most famous
movie quote of that year. Gladly all these films were great, and were
recognized with nominations and awards, and survived to tell how the
American society felt at that time, and "Carrie" even while being a
horror movie knew how to be a important piece of filmmaking.

As I mentioned in the beginning most films today has some qualities and
characteristics that appeared here for the first time and the way
DePalma presented the story was excellent, including homages to his
idol Hitchcock (the music by Pino Donaggio reminds some parts of
Bernard Herrmann's theme in "Psycho", and by the way Herrmann was the
original composer of the music of the film but died a few months before
the filming begin). Not only the music, but the editing is also great,
and one of the most awaited moments is the prom night, there are
thousand of things in that scene that keeps you thrilled all the time,
no matter how many times you watch. And at last the great casting
composed by Spacek, Laurie, John Travolta, Amy Irving, William Katt,
Nancy Allen and Betty Buckley, all wonderful.

It's a very interesting horror film but more than that it is a
historical study (in terms of film) over a period. 10/10

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