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  • Cashback
    • Cashback
    • Runtime:102 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:01:37
    • Director: Sean Ellis
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


I've seen a lot of b-side movies but this one took me for complete
surprise. I haven't seen a movie that combined comedy, fantasy and
drama with such elegance and perfection. Comedy is superb, the story
was believable and I have to admit I didn't mind the nudity at all.
Anyone who has any feeling at all about making right and wrong choices
with girlfriends/boyfriends will understand the main character very
easily. Supporting cast is excellent as well, don't we all have at
least one friend like this?

Although there is a lot of nudity it is done very classy. This movie
reminds me of "to kill a mockingbird" in that the experiences seem so
simple and real they probably are. If you are one that usually doesn't
stray from the mainstream this one will make you a believer that there
are more great movies out there than just the ones you see trailers for
during the commercials. A must see.


Sean Ellis has made 'Cashback' right from the heart. This is quite
evident in the sincerity and passion behind the writing and
storytelling. 'Cashback' is very much about the common young citizen
but at the same time Ellis brings magic to it. We see Ben as an
ordinary art student moonlighting at a supermarket and then we see how
he views the world, how he perceives beauty, in the supermarket, in the
female body and pretty much anything else, while his male co-workers
are fooling around playing pranks, chattering about shagging
and…killing time. Ellis also brings a lot of philosophy and irony
into the movie. I very much agree that one shouldn't look at the
clock/watch when they're bored.

There's plenty of nudity in 'Cashback' but nothing vulgar and much of
it is necessary to demonstrate Ben's perspective of beauty (while
providing eye candy for the viewer). If the nudity helps pull a crowd
then all the better because the viewer's definitely in for a great film

Sean Biggerstaff is splendid as Ben Willis. He definitely fits the
ordinary young lad look and plays Ben very naturally, with restraint.
Emilia Fox is excellent as the luminous Sharon. It's a pity one doesn't
get to see this actress in more movies. The rest of the cast are

On the technical side, the music is very fitting and the special
effects are terrific. Cinematography is superb and the editing is as
sharp as it should be.

I didn't know what to expect from 'Cashback'. I had read that it was a
comedy and the stills and poster gave me the impression that it was
probably a sex comedy but, as mentioned earlier, this movie turned out
to be a wonderful surprise.


Male teens grow up wanting to see bare boobs. Then they want to see the
other things. Then they want to touch those things. We all know what
they want after that.

And, meanwhile, men preen, they brag, they lie and they pretend. They
can and do embarrass and humiliate girls. Men fail to pick up on
serious clues from girls that could reward them in a big way.

Men are so lost.

Oh, but what if you can freeze time and take girls' clothes off. But
that's about two minutes of the movie. If you want that, you'll get
short shrift.

This gives us writer/director Sean Ellis' snapshot of young British men
and women who are connecting on every possible level, good and bad.
meaningful and stupid, but mostly for naught because … well because
they are young and stupid.

If your heart was ever broken before your heart was even ready to be
seriously broken, chances are you will see it here.

This is, bottom line, the portrait of the artist as a young British
man. Trying to deal with women, he stumbles through the whole movie in
a state of confusion.

Finally, at the end, he's figuring things out.

We are so there with him.


You can expect to find good insights about love, people and break-ups
while watching 2006's Cashback.

Although I'd never seen actor Sean Biggerstaff ( the story's main
character ) before I'm very much looking forward to seeing him in the
future. As a matter of fact it's an all new cast for me. Cashback is a
regular type story with an interesting mechanic and for guys who just
want to see some T n' A don't worry, there's also a healthy dose of
chicks naked.

All in all: A romantic drama with an artistic feel.

P.S. I love it in the credits when they show the actor's faces along
with their names.

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