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  • Cat Ballou
    • Cat Ballou
    • Runtime:97 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:12:05
    • Director: Elliot Silverstein
    • Genres: Comedy, Western
    • Studio:


After her father is murdered by land grabbing rail road mercenaries
daughter Cat (Jane Fonda) vows not to be intimidated or removed from
her parcel. For insurance she hires hard drinking gunfighter Kid
Shaleen (Lee Marvin) to level the playing field. Problem is the Kid is
more drunk than gunfighter these days and it's left up to Cat and the
boys to get him in fighting shape to face a nose-less fast gun (also
played by Marvin).

Cat Ballou is simply all Marvin as the drunken Kid Shaleen with an able
assist from a cross legged mount that seems as drunk as The Kid. The
generic settler versus railroad scenario is ho hum at best and while
Jane Fonda is a comely visage in snug jeans and check blouse she along
with the rest of the drab cast contribute most by staying out of the
way of the uproariously funny lurching and stumbling Marvin and steed.
As semi musical narrators there's some pleasant musical interludes
offered up by a pair of strolling balladeers played by Nat King Cole
and Stubby Kaye but in this film nobody comes close to outdrawing
Marvin's top gun performance.


I'm talking about the reviews and grades for this film, which is one of
the funniest and most entertaining ever made. I just love it, and have
watched it many, many times. It's right up there with The Court Jester,
Make Mine Mink, The Green Man, and The Big Lebowski, and the absolute
opposite of Blazing Saddles, which is one sad and sorry and miserably
unfunny disaster, end to end. Cat Ballou is a lovely, lovely comedy,
with perfect performances by delicious Fonda, magnificent Marvin,
delightful Kaye and Cole. Marvin is a legendary gunfighter, who makes
one of the most legendary screen entrances ever seen on any scene. It's
entrancing! I just cannot believe that 6.9 out of 10! Has the whole
world gone crazy? Gimme a shot from that jug, and I'll pass those
feeble, humour-deficient, semi-literate reviewers along to steel-eyed
Kid Shelleen. If people didn't move on from simple cattle-rustling, up
to train-robbing, there'd be no progress at all.

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