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  • Cherry 2000
    • Cherry 2000
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:18:48
    • Director: Steve De Jarnatt
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Cherry 2000


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Plot: Guy falls in love with a one-dimensional sex robot. Guy loses sex
robot. Guy hires a woman to help him find sex robot. Guy falls in love
with woman and realises that multi-dimensional women, warts and all,
are better than one-dimensional sex fantasies.

Interesting: Film explodes female archetypes. Film's target audience is
man, but film allows woman to perform all tasks better than man. Man
loses shoe, cries for help, depends on woman for rescue etc. Woman,
free from male chains, teaches man to love her liberation. Better to
interact with a woman who has brains and a heart instead of a fantasy
image with a microchip.

Reality: Man=lazy, Sex robot=impractical, Porn=global

6/10 – Mildly interesting rift on "Weird Science". Surprisingly, the
film makes quite a few references to Tarkovsky's "Stalker".


This movie has a most excellent device that if it were to be invented
would most likely cause the demise of the human race. Yes, the female
sex robot. You just know guys would happily forgo real women for the
super sex starved droid that can not have children, does not have that
time of month, and is always in the mood. Granted it can only make you
a burger and fries for dinner, but that is more than most women know
how to do these days anyway. They could probably make a male version
for females, but their heads would probably explode because no matter
how hard you try to program it to act perfectly, it will still somehow
set a woman off by making her mad, or by making her cry the robot would
then just short circuit because no matter what it tries it fails. Yes,
this is going to get me into a lot of trouble if my girlfriend ever
reads this, but my sense of humor is very strange and I am getting a
good chuckle. Well on to the rest of the movie. Man and his robot chick
start having sex and water gets into the droid and it short circuits.
Kind of a flaw right there as you would think they could make these
things waterproof. Well he finds out it is impossible to fix and the
dealer tries to sell him a newer model, but our hero will not have none
of that as he is sort of in love with his bot and so off he goes to a
bizarre forbidden zone to find another Cherry 2000 (the name of the
particular model of bot he covets). He gets some help from a very
attractive Melanie Griffon character and there is a cool scene with a
car and a tunnel of water and then our hero gets captured by this weird
group in the desert/forbidden zone place. He gets help from a lady he
knows, but the main guy in this place is a tad insane, though actually
somewhat friendly too. The movie is kind of all over the place because
at times it is seemingly trying to be a comedy and at other times a Mad
Max type adventure. So not perfect at all and not great, but it passes
the time.

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