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  • Cloud 9
    • Cloud 9
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:30:04
    • Director: Harry Basil
    • Genres: Comedy, Sport
    • Studio:


Bought the movie from Barnes and Noble and it arrived yesterday….i
couldn't find it anywhere online to just watch for free but the buy was
definitely worth it!

I laughed so hard I rolled out of my bed. Its not a bad movie at all.

I will admit that some speeches were a little corny but come on you can
sooooo let that slide.

Angie Everhart will and always will be my favorite actor and it was
nice to now that she had the most sense in the movie!

And Burt Reynolds and D.L. Hughley was a awesome duo!!!

all and all I give it between a 8.5 and a 9! don't let bad reviews stop
you from trying this movie out!


i laughed so much with this movie that i haven't laughed in a while.
The reason is i don't find most modern actors funny,i think its not
their fault its just that these times are not funny.Reynolds is from
another era of different people ,he was a guy who knew what fun is
supposed to be,in those days when he was king of Hollywood it was
easier to have fun.As a movie star he never took himself seriously and
that was the secret of his appeal.He was too good-looking,had too many
women and too much success. In this movie he plays a guy who is a
has-been,an older guy who still chases women and tries to make a fast
score.Considering at one point some years back Reynolds was almost
broke himself,this character is as close as you can get to the real
Burt or at least the Burt persona. Burt plays this role knowing
perfectly well thats how most people perceive him.He also has some of
his friends do walk ons,there's a hilarious bit with Gary Busey. If you
ever laughed with Reynolds and his particular humor,you'll enjoy this
silly movie.If his style leaves you cold ,forget about this movie.I
have always enjoyed Burt even in his older silly movies like Cannonball
and such,so i also enjoyed this.In,fact i think he is funnier in this
role making fun of his persona than he was in some of his
hits.Definitely a silly movie but Reynolds is funny in it.


Over the last ten years, Burt Reynolds has straddled the line between
being an A-lister and a B-lister. His best known comeback was in 1997,
when he re-emerged into the A-list spotlight with "Boogie Nights". Ten
years later, he was still making good movies along the likes of
"Mystery, Alaska" and the decent remake of "The Longest Yard". If he
keeps doing movies like "Cloud 9", he may have to kiss those A-list
parts goodbye again.

The problem with "Cloud 9" is not that Burt Reynolds is bad in it. In
fact, the movie starts out really well with Reynolds playing a lovable
loser. It's not the first time he plays one of these characters, and he
usually plays it very well. It's just that the movie is boggled down
with so many sports and rags-to-riches movie clichés that by the end,
the movie seems far from original even though the premise is.

The premise is another great thing about this movie, and the movie had
the right idea about where to go with it until the very end. The
problems occur with the lack of character development. Burt Reynolds'
and D.L. Hughley's characters are pretty well developed, but the
strippers could have been made into more interesting characters.
Instead, they are just one-dimensional stereotypes borrowed from other
movies. There's the jive-talking black woman, the blond stripper with a
heart of gold, the angry Latino stripper, and the Russian bombshell
that no speak English good. Oh yeah, and although Angie Everheart does
a better-than-expected acting job in this movie, her character has been
done before. If I had a nickel for every movie where there was a smart,
single mother who was forced to strip to support their only child, I'd
be a millionaire. In fact, wasn't Burt Reynolds himself in a big budget
film with one of those characters? The name "Striptease" rings a bell,
as does the name "Demi Moore". And as I remember, that movie didn't get
stellar reviews either.

Last but not least, Gabrielle Reese could have been utilized better in
this movie. Sure, she's a natural fit for playing a professional
volleyball athlete, since she is one in real life. But the problem
comes when she expresses her objection to strippers playing volleyball,
since that would bring the wrong kind of exposure to the sport. Of
course she is correct and has a valid point, but the movie unevenly
makes her out to be the villain of the story because of that viewpoint.
Plus, the guys in the movie make fun of the fact that she's built like
an athlete, which doesn't send a good message to young women who see
this movie. They appear to completely forget the fact that Gaby Reese
is one of the most beautiful women in the world, let alone the most
gorgeous athlete. In fact, I found myself rooting for her side at the
end of the film, and really not caring either way if the heroines won.

This movie was very promising. In fact, the movie started out great,
and even Paul Rodriguez was funny as Juan a.k.a. Wong. However, the
really important characters in this story were underdeveloped, and so
many movie clichés, tired archetypes, and male posturing made this
movie unenjoyable. I reiterate when I say that Burt Reynolds should
probably get a new agent, because he has been in and can be in better


Do not watch this movie. There are 2 reasons for that:

1. It is so boring that it tops the list of the most boring films ever
made. It felt at some points that is is a porno film, but when any girl
got half naked the scene ended. The level of the dialogs remain though
at the level of porno films.

2. Strippers are couched to be volleyball players. I really feel that
it undermines the dedication and the amount of work needed to be a
professional athlete.

This is a porn movie with a lame plot that characterizes porn movies in
general, but with all the "skin parts" removed. It's a huge waste of
time! They should pay me for the time I spent watching this (even so I
wouldn't do it again).

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