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  • Cutthroat Island
    • Cutthroat Island
    • Runtime:124 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:20
    • Director: Renny Harlin
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Family, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Cutthroat Island


When this film was released in theatres, I managed to catch it in
theatres with my friends in the 1st week of January. The theatre was
crowded, and the audience cheered at all the explosions, swashbucklery,
and stunts performed by Geena Davis.

Who knew then in that afternoon that this was set to be the biggest
box-office bomb in the history of Hollywood! LOL I even had the
misfortune of having seen "Superman IV," "Waterworld," "Twister," and
"Batman & Robin" in the theatres, but I at least realized those films
were bad while watching them – "Cutthroat Island," I thought was
actually quite entertaining as a crowd pleaser.

Anyways, lo-and-behold, with the success of the first "Pirates of the
Caribbean" film I decided to purchase "Cutthroat Island" on DVD at a
Circuit City in early 2004 and revisit this film years later. Boy, this
time around, the film really stunk (Save the spectacular stuntwork by
Geena Davis in the main role.).

I tried selling the DVD to a used DVD store, but they would not accept
it. So, I ended up throwing it away in the nearest trash bin I could
find. Yes, it was really that bad, and I don't blame Michael Douglas
from walking away from this one…which he should have done when he saw
the script for the recent "Wall Street" sequel with Shia Labeouf.


The biggest box office flop of all-time. Its curiosity from that fact
that drove me to finally watch this movie 15-years after its original
release and is probably why most of you are here reading this review.
Curious to how a movie involving pirates with a ~100$M budget and a
seemingly attractive name like "Cutthroat Island" could fail so
spectacularly. Below are my impressions:

- Geena Davis (main actress): B-list quality. Relatively physically
unattractive, ofttimes robotic in delivery of lines (sometimes the
result of poor dialogue by the writers), emotionally detached (seems to
lack facial expressions except when smiling), and amateurish acting in
a lot of the earlier scenes (being out-acted by a monkey is not a good
way to start off a movie). She also had the weight of stigmas regarding
the believability of a female captain commanding ship and crew to
contend with (see Keira Knightley's later performance in Disney's
Pirates of the Caribbean; awkwardly unbelievable doesn't begin to
describe her attempts to play captain). However, against these odds a
more convincing female captain I cannot imagine (when she isn't forced
to deliver corny one liners). She manages to retain a feminine quality
while simultaneously displaying tomboyish and oft crude mannerisms that
make her character very believable whether issuing commands, wielding a
gun/sword, or performing one of the movies many stunts. She quickly
makes gender a non-issue (no easy feat) and I actually found myself
having a great time watching this movie and her role as it went on.

- Matthew Modine: Bottom-of-the-barrel actor as many reviews describe
him when compared to whom the director preferred to play the leading
male (Tom Cruise, et al). Personally, I found him to be one of the
easier characters to like, often providing some humor to an otherwise
serious cast. His performance and appearance reminds me of Cary Elwes
in Princess Bride.

- Cinematography: The movie is shot with a raw-like quality that seems
to be lacking polish or post-production touch-up. Released in 1995, but
feels like your watching something from the late 70s-early 80s. Relies
on traditional pyrotechnics and stunt work as opposed to fancy CGI
effects. While originally apprehensive I soon found this style a bit
refreshing as it gave a more ad-hoc feel akin to things like "The
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" (Youtube it!). In addition, it
made for a few unintentionally funny moments like Modine getting
clubbed over the head during an escape sequence with a flying barrel
from an ill-planned explosion effect? Unfortunately, this form soon
showed its limitations. The naval battle at the end is a prime example.
Beyond belief is probably the best way to describe it. Two ships at
pointblank range broadsiding each other for 5-mins and no visible
damage aside from a few makeshift fire-pits on the deck? Yikes! It
destroyed the mood and brought my excitement level to a screeching
halt, which was finally beginning to recover after the disappointing
treasure discovery scenes (scenes where unrealistic extravagance was
sorely needed). To say the entire ending was botched is an
understatement. It was embarrassingly executed visually and
continuity-wise especially considering its budget and 1995 release
date. A lot of the blame can be placed on poor script and stunt
planning. Watching Captain Morgan and Dawg awkwardly climb the mast for
dramatic effect or conveniently place ammunitions topped off with an
out of character, "Bad Dog!" one liner was just one of many things that
left me scratching my head.

In the end I'd say some of this movies most endearing qualities were
the very things that limited its potential to attract an audience or
deliver in key moments. Its truly a shame as this movie had the
potential to be so much more. Despite its shortcomings, however, I was
entertained and impressed far more than I ever imagined when I sat down
to watch the biggest box-office bust of all-time and would recommend at
least one viewing even if it means having to sit through its
cheese-ball ending.

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