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  • Dangerous Beauty
    • Dangerous Beauty
    • Runtime:111 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:44:51
    • Director: Marshall Herskovitz
    • Genres: Biography, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dangerous Beauty


It is hard to find a movie that actually captures the soul of a time
period. Often movies simply import a modern story into a different time
period. In this case the story does reflect the complex morals and
social situation of the historical time and place.

I think it is a great movie to show in a History of the Renaissance
class. It shows how the ideals of the Renaissance were taken further in
Venice than any other city. It manages to get us back into the time
period better than any other movie I have ever seen.

The acting, sets, lighting, make-up and costumes are superb and the
story enchanting. The director and producers deserved academy award
nominations. This ist rue movie-making magic, where you are transported
to another time and place. I would recommend for anybody above the age
of 13.


In 1583, Venice is the richest and most decadent city in Europe and its
women are treated like property and few even knew how to read. The
youth and witty Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack) and the wealthy
Marco Venier (Rufus Sewell), who is the brother of her best friend
Beatrice (Moira Kelly), are in love for each other, but her mother can
not afford the dowry for their marriage. When Marco tells Veronica that
they can not marry to each other because he should have a marriage of
state and his parents would oppose due to their social differences,
Veronica's mother Paola Franco (Jacqueline Bisset) tells her
heartbroken daughter that she was a courtesan in the past, and now
Veronica shall learn how to be a courtesan to support the family. The
poetess Veronica becomes the most famous courtesan in Venice, loved by
the powerful elite except Marcos. When the Turks threaten Cyprus,
Veronica spends the night with King Henry (Jake Weber) and he gives the
necessary ships to protect Cyprus. When the Inquisition comes to
Venice, she is accused of witchcraft by the Church.

"Dangerous Beauty" is one of the most beautiful love stories I have
ever seen, and based on a true story. Catherine McCormack is extremely
gorgeous and this is probably her best role along her career, with a
stunning performance. This movie is quite perfect, with a wonderful
story, excellent screenplay, magnificent direction, witty dialogs, a
fantastic cast and awesome cinematography, set decoration and costumes
in the environment of Venice in the Sixteenth Century. It is impressive
how this movie excited me with the most different emotions and I have
just included it in my list of favorites. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Em Luta Pelo Amor" ("In Fight for Love")


Before watching the movie, I decided to watch it based on the title and
the subject matter. I thought that this movie would have something to
do with sex and lust and perhaps even depravity. I was completely
annoyed that this turned out to be a cheesy romantic comedy along the
lines of any Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts movie, but perhaps even more
annoying because it is so deceptive.

I was hoping for a movie like Quills–a look into the lives of historic
figures who were indulging in things that were looked down upon in
those strict times. I thought it was boring and bland and ridiculous.
The poetry duels were perhaps the lamest parts, because the poetry they
came up with was stupid. The courtesan's relationship with Oliver
Platt's character was absolutely ridiculous; why does he dislike her
and what the hell is the point in showing this anyway?

Oh, and the music! I don't think there was one moment where there was
no cheesy music playing to compliment the cheesy dialogue and plot. I
really feel cheated and I want the time back that was wasted.

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