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  • Dante’s Inferno Animated
    • Dante’s Inferno Animated
    • Runtime:25 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:20:02
    • Director: Boris Acosta
    • Genres: Action
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dante’s Inferno Animated


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A remarkably faithful relating of the Divine Comedy (filtered through
the video game, of course). Each level of Hell is explained and shown,
Virgil–Dante's guide–adheres to his role as in the Comedy…despite
taking elements from the game, this is a very solid retelling of
Dante's classic that the younger audiences can relate to. Each level of
Hell is told in a different anime style, similar to Gotham Knights or
Animatrix, which works here to make each vignette separate and diabolic
in its own right. However, there is a lot of violence here and parental
discretion is seriously recommended. On the plus side, it may just
inspire the uninitiated to look up and read the Inferno for themselves.

At least that's how it happened with me! (From my own perspective, I
found it ironic that Dante, on his quest to retrieve Beatrice's soul,
finds something on each level of Hell that applies to him. Poor
guy…he never realized what he was doing until now.)


This animation is really enjoyable as an adult or teenager who either
have never read the book or has already. I've seen only the Italian
version with English subtitles and the Italian narrators have so much
passion that make you feel like they are telling you the story in front
of you. What a joy!

The sweet voice of Silvia Colloca as Beatrice makes you believe she was
really angelical. The almost impersonation of Dante by Riccardo Pratesi
makes you feel that Dante himself is teaching you about Hell. The
implacable fathering voice of Vittorio Matteucci certainly brings the
needed authority in Virgil as Dante's guide, protector and teacher
about life.


There seems to be several entries of Dante's Inferno and none matches
the details of the version I saw. I saw the one production by EA Games
based on it's game The length of this film is 85 minutes including
credits, not 25. The animation reminded me of Spawn many times. The
scenes between Dante and his guide Virgil is very similar to Spawn and
Cogliostro. And Dante's love for Beatrice is very similar to Spawn's
love for Wanda. Seeing this version of Dante's Inferno now leads me to
think that perhaps Todd McFarlane was inspired by Inferno to create
Spawn. There is a lot of violence so parental discretion is advised. I
haven't played the game so can't comment about it. Overall, it's a
great re-telling of a classic many of our younger generations may not
have had an opportunity to read.

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