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  • Dear Mr. Gacy
    • Dear Mr. Gacy
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:09:57
    • Director: Svetozar Ristovski
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:


This is a difficult movie to watch. I rented it over the holiday week
for entertainment.

I felt the movie draws the viewer into the emotional sea of conflict
and any flick that can do that, in my estimation is superior.

Certain parts are very difficult because they deal with sexuality ,
ciminiality and morals all at once.

The flick should not be rejected simply because it might to thought to
be anti-gay. There were parts that I thought could pander to homophobic

I would recommend it and advise imagine you are 18 years old and
dealing with a psychological experiment where you become the bait for
the vampire.


When the subject comes up in everyday conversation of serial killers,
personally two names immediately rear their heads in my mind. Jeffrey
Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. Gacy one of the more spookier killers i
have read about in us history who was responsible for luring young male
prostitutes home in his "nice guy" guise and murdering them and burying
their many bodies in his root cellar of his own home. Based on true
events that occurred during the last few weeks of Gacy's life before he
finally succumbed to lethal injection On May 10, 1994. Young university
law student approaches his professor with the idea on doing the latest
required Theseus on Gacy himself sort of an psychological profile. The
professor advises him to look elsewhere for a subject as serial killer
Theseus's are Way over done. Jason promises he will deliver answers
into Gacy's psyche that have never surfaced either by interviews by
both the FBI and media. Jason then takes it upon himself to write a
letter to Gacy on death row. A relationship between the two begins.
Jason tiptoes around ,madness as he tries his best not to be sucked
into Gacy's evil world. Jesse Moss was awesome in this and i couldn't
help but compare him to a young Tom Cruise but that still remains to be
shown. Forsythe who i feel is very underrated pulls off the Gacy
character brilliantly. this movie pulls no punches in showing you the
dirty parts of the world that are usually whitewashed by Hollywood!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Dear Mr. Gacy" a film by Svetozar Ristovski based on a true story on
the surface seems like a vapor of an ideal turned real. Jason Moss, a
college student,t idealistically believes he can befriend notorious
serial killer John Wayne Gacy in order to write a term paper for his
criminology class. The cliché "be careful what you wish for"
immediately comes to mind. From story to execution this celluloid
reflection of Moss's relationship with Gacy wildly succeeds in creating
true ominous menace. William Forsythe is especially effective as John
Wayne Gacy.

Jason Moss, the real student, begins a written relationship with John
Wayne Gacy in hopes he can get information that all levels of law
enforcement haven't been able to extract. He does this by "baiting" Mr.
Gacy with his youth and inexperience in sexual orientation.
Surprisingly it works too well and in short order Moss is deep into
situations in which he is clearly outmaneuvered. Instead of extracting
himself he seems to lose his own identity being sucked into thinking he
can manipulate a cunning murderer. The darkness permeates in short
order and he finds himself in situations he clearly is not up to.
Instead of retreating, however, he pushes forward. Is it something
inside of Moss or is is simply society's overall attraction , albeit
curiosity, with morbidity? This is a question that may never be
answered in sum total as we learn a very unsettling fact just prior to
end credits.

"Dear Mr. Gacy" is a harrowing journey for the viewer. A film in which
you keep watching though you know it only will layer more layers of
darkness. In this posture it is simple and brilliant. A "tour 'de
force" of a last testament of a master serial killer and manipulator.
In the end we learn that the title of Moss's best seller was anything
but a marketing slant. A must see.


I wasn't sure I wanted to watch another moralistic 'movie-of-the-week'
about a serial killer since they are usually whitewashed beyond
recognition to make them palatable to mainstream America.

When I found out this was based on the true story of a college student
contacting John Wayne Gacy in prison before he was executed, however, I
thought I would give it a chance.

It all starts like a 'docudrama' by the look of the cast, but with the
first glimpse of the gritty characterization of Jason's mother, this
film took on a much edgier realism than I was expecting. It seemed to
me that I had not seen a woman like this before – not pretty, not
likable, not whitewashed.

In fact, none of the characters were Hollywood suburban – they were
conflicted, vulnerable, angry, manipulative and contradictory. And,
'Jason Moss' takes us on a journey that seems ordinary at first, but
step by step, the tension ramps up and we soon find ourselves betting
against higher and higher stakes on a happy ending.

What we end up experiencing is an intense and uncomfortable story that
goes far deeper into the psyche of Gacy and anyone who came into
contact with him than the usual fare. The acting is superb on
everyone's part, especially Jesse Moss and William Forsythe – so much
so that I had a hard time connecting to the pix of the real people at
the end of the film.

This is one of the best studies of serial murderers that I have ever
seen. Watch it but be prepared to go places that aren't 'nice'. People
are much scarier than we care to believe – an idea that John Wayne Gacy
used skillfully to entrap his victims up until the end.

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