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  • Deathstalker II
    • Deathstalker II
    • Runtime:85 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:38
    • Director: Jim Wynorski
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Deathstalker II


There's not to much point writing a whole lot here as most people have
said it already. Looking closely at the actors reactions and nuances
you can tell wholeheartedly that this project was a lot of fun to make.
Jim Wynorski not only gave us an enjoyable sword & sorcery film in its
own right but DSII simply knows what it is and doesn't take itself too

What we end up with is a great movie that is a hidden gem in the
plethora of '80's garbage. You can watch again and again because you
always pick up a great line that you missed in the previous viewing
because you were laughing so much.

And yes the two Australians that watch the movie religiously every week
that they talk about in the commentary is me and my friend

If you don't crack a smile at least a dozen times watching this film
there is something wrong with you and whats more important in life than
someone or some thing that can make you involuntarily smile!


Nevermind my low rating. This is a really good movie.

While the first DEATHSTALKER movie played it with a straight face
(making it a much easier movie to poke fun at), this second installment
in the series is tongue-in-cheek all the way. It did make me laugh as
hard (or perhaps even harder at times) as with the first one, though
maybe the enjoyment I got out of DEATHSTALKER II might be a bit less,
how shall I put it… satisfying? Because after all, we're supposed to
laugh with this one, and when it comes to the humor, it is as dumb as
it gets. But still, nothing too wrong with that, I suppose. And to make
things crystal clear from the get-go, the fun already starts in a most
verbal way, just before the opening credits, when evil sword-wench
Sultana shouts "I will have my revenge! And Deathstalker too!", and
then whoosh, the "Deathstalker two" title-logo comes on. Brilliant.

Part of the fun still comes from unintentional events, like scenes
starting and ending abruptly, a chase-scene on horses were people just
seem to be riding the same part of the road endlessly, stock footage
from the first DEATHSTALKER (with a different look, easy to spot)
inserted in this sequel for pointless reasons, etc. Another reason for
incomprehensible chuckles comes from the movie's subtitle. It reads
DUAL OF THE TITANS, supported by crackling flames… What titans? Who?
Where are they? And like if the opening-credits weren't enough to make
us reflect on this movie in a grinning or dumbly drooling fashion, then
wait until the end-credits start to roll. They show us a handful of
bloopers, at times even supported by silly voice-overs. Those bloopers
are likely to kill off any braincells one might still have after
viewing DEATHSTALKER II: DUAL OF THE TITANS! (Which titans?)

The performances of the whole cast, this time, are indeed deliberately
campy. Most actors handle a contemporary language completely unsuitable
for a swords & sorcery film. Especially our hero (John Terlesky) seems
to be exquisitely enjoying himself doing so. Blond Barbie-doll Monique
Gabrielle (in a double-role, no less) was as painful as she was funny,
watching her deliver her lines trying very hard to strike the right
comical note (or vicious note, for that matter) when called for. And
has John Lazar (of Russ Meyer's BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS fame)
ever acted so laughably idiotic before in his life? Fitting for these
slapstick characters, is the fact that they all seem to run around on
sets made out of cardboard or styrofoam. In other words: real works of

Of course, DEATHSTALKER II offers enough female eye-candy. Knockers and
buttocks are displayed quite randomly in this one (thank you, Jim
Wynorski). Sometimes they use stock footage from the first movie for
this purpose, but thankfully there's new boobage to behold too.
Especially the sex-scene between Deathstalker and evil princess Evie is
as gratuitous as can be. The one naked girl dancing in that completely
retarded bar-fight (at the beginning) was quite funny too. Her dancing
skills were limited to 'wiggle waggle, bounce & shake' and 'duck' when
a hurled brew-holder comes flying over her head. Now that we're talking
retarded scenes anyway, the movie reaches an absolute lowest point in
the middle during an embarrassing wrestling scene that goes on for way
too long. It's Deathstalker vs Utterly Fat Growling Barbaric She-Thing.
I think that says enough.

But you have to at least give Jim Wynorski some credit: He really
watched and understood the first DEATHSTALKER movie. He took several
elements of the first film (characteristics of the 'hero', the
nudity,…) and enlarged, emphasized and mainly spoofed them (out of
the many examples of this, Warthog-Brute returning for a silly cameo is
one of them). So at least, he aims to please and for the bigger part
also succeeds. Even that inappropriate western-vibe is, at times, again
present on the movie's soundtrack. And will you check out that one,
eardrum-piercing sound-sample, used numerous times throughout the
movie. It goes "shreeeeeeeuw!!!"… What was up with that? Other
highlights include scenes distinctively showing Wynorski's inexplicable
ways of film-making. One scene has Stalker and Reena on a horse, trying
to escape some villains repeatedly shooting exploding arrows at them.
The villains just shoot without aiming and the scene is packed with
seemingly pointless explosions. It's like Wynorski just said to the
pyro-technicians "When I yell action, you guys go nuts, okay? I don't
care how you do it, just make sure you blow the hell out of
everything!". And so they did.

Another favorite scene of mine (and another pointless one it is), is
the one with the zombies at the green cemetery. I don't know why or how
this cemetery is all green, but it is. Just look at it: Green graves
all over the place. Magnificent. I guess it's all just proof that
DEATHSTALKER II is one in a row of many successes by a genius
film-maker. So, watch more Wynorski films is the main message here.
Thanks for listening, and I'm off to prepare myself mentally for
entering the third installment, undoubtedly yet another epic tale of
mind-boggling barbaric fantasy, called DEATHSTALKER AND THE WARRIORS
FROM HELL. Unfortunately, it was not directed by Jim Wynorski.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In ancient days, Deathstalker is a thief and swordsman who befriends
Evie, a strange young woman who promises him great rewards if he can
rid the land of the evil sorcerer Jarek. Deathstalker takes up the
challenge, but can he defeat this powerful villain, and has Evie told
him the whole story …

Okay, this movie's a bit cheesy and goofball, with cardboard sets and a
scene-chewing cast, but I can't help but enjoy it a lot. Like Piranha,
it knows it's cashing in on the success of a better film, but that
doesn't stop it being witty, exciting and fast paced. We get medieval
barroom brawls, slavegirl mud fights, a tussle in a crypt with a gang
of zombies, a wrestling match with an Amazon, a pit and pendulum
torture number and a steamy vampire seduction scene. Wynorski sensibly
keeps everything moving along nice as you please, with the next fight,
joke, fleshpot or scare never far away. He's a really good director,
with a fine eye for a shot, clever timing and a complete lack of
pretension; check out any of his other films (my favourite is
Transylvania Twist). The cast are fun – Terlesky coasts on his goofy
good looks as the amiable Deathstalker, and Gabrielle and Naples are
both saucy delights, frequently in eye-popping costumes which seem to
defy both gravity and human physiology. Topping it all off is a
toe-tappingly pleasant muzak score by Chuck Cirino, all kooky chords
and crescendos. B-movie afficionados (and if you aren't one, stop
taking films so seriously) will find much to enjoy in this
good-natured, sexy, low-budget adventure flick. A straight-to-video
movie, also known as Deathstalker II: Duel Of The Titans, it has little
connection with the more mundane 1983 movie Deathstalker, and two
plodding sequels (Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell and
Deathstalker IV: Match Of Titans).


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I always loved "B" movies that have fun and don't take themselves too
seriously. Add a likable male star in John Terlesky and the beautiful
former Penthouse Pet in Monique Gabrielle and you have a classic. Even
though this is a "B" movie, it has good enough special effects to get
by. Probably the other most important part to make this a great movie
are the two nude scenes by Monique Gabrielle! The movie starts out with
the real Princess Evie being replaced by a fake. She recruits the
Deathstalker to take her to the castle and reclaim her crown from Jarek
the Sorcerer. She predicts their future and offers a reward if he will
help her out. They battle bandits and Zombies along the way. Monique
has a great line when they go to sleep for the night. She says "Stalker
is that your sword, or are you just glad to see me". The next day they
are caught by a group of women and they put him on trial by combat
because he is a womanizer. He has to fight in a boxing ring and they
play the Rocky Theme as he enters the ring. He has a very funny fight
to the death with a huge woman. He wins and realizes Monique really is
the princess. Monique plays the dual role of the princess and the fake
princess. She did a great job in each role. As the fake princess she is
made up and looks gorgeous. Her costumes are nice and revealing. The
real princess spends her time in a brown outfit and she is not made up
at all. She still looks gorgeous. Monique leaves the woman's camp when
Deathstalker shows interest in the head woman. Stalker leaves when she
becomes serious and comes to the rescue of Monique. They finally make
it to the castle. Stalker is captured and Monique is attacked by the
guards. They rip off her dress to check her heart. Monique boobs look
great in this short nude scene. She was definitely hired for her body,
even though she does a great job of acting. Later Stalker is saved by
the fake princess. She wants to have sex with him and then kill
him(this is how she keeps her appearance). She has on a Leia slave girl
like outfit on and then she show her two talents in an excellent scene
in bed. Nice shots of her boobs! Way to go Monique, it was well worth
the wait. The good Monique kills the fake Monique and Stalker takes
care of the Sorcerer. The final scene has Monique wearing a sexy white
outfit and giving him a reward, herself! What a great reward. What a
really fun movie with a really nice nude scene thrown in for Monique
fans. 10 out of 10!

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