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  • Definitely, Maybe
    • Definitely, Maybe
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:50:43
    • Director: Adam Brooks
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Definitely, Maybe


I'm one of those few guys who actually enjoy chick flicks/romcoms, even
prefer (!) this type of movie over most of the mindless
shooting/fighting/ego boosting stuff. Although a good heist movie is
not wasted on me, if possible, I will go for the romcom. Or to balance
things out, rent two movies, one romcom and a Tarantino.

I never really liked Ryan Reynolds, or more specifically the era he
somehow represented for me, the youngster/pseudo/not-funny funny movies
created for the intellectually numb. Anyway, I never watched any of his
work other than scrambles of this "American Pie"-niche only feeling
strengthened in my opinion on both subject and actors.

And than I watched this one… first I saw The proposal, and this
movie, Definitely, Maybe. What a pleasure both were to watch! My
opinion of mr. Reynolds turned 180 degrees after watching both movies.
But Definitely Maybe is by far the most touching (not necessarily the
best) romcom I have seen to date.

I read some people talk about characters not being developed enough,
but I disagree. Moreover, they are often vessels for something else:
how do we interact with each other, sometimes emotions are enlarged or
marginalized all in the interest of showing a certain growth path the
writer/director wants us to participate in or reflect upon. And even if
in the end the only thing they had in mind was the box-office, somehow
I always take something with me from the movies I watch that
strengthened me. Too generous? Maybe. Does it work for me? Definitely!
So here I am, a guy who has had his fair share of relationships, broken
off too many of them to feel comfortable with, went through a
roller-coaster ride of more than a decade, and now watching, alone, for
the umpth time this little gem and I couldn't keep it dry.

Oversensitive maybe, but I find it a sweet sour experience which is
cathartic to my soul. And of all the romcoms I have seen, definitely
maybe does this best.

Oh and BTW, the ear buds at the beginning? I found myself wondering too
what those were, and the only thing I could find that more or less
resembled the pieces he used, were the BT ear buds designed by Kleer…


I decided to watch half of this last night as I was out and I had no
expectations to see it. Definitely Maybe is about a guy who tells his
daughter about her so called secret mom so he tells her a story set in
1992 with him seeing 3 women(Isla Fisher,Elizabeth Banks,& Rachel
Weiz)one of them is Will Hayes's(Ryan Reynolds from The
Proposal)daughter Mia(Abigal Breslin from Raising Helen).

The cast is OK,the movie itself is kinda boring I won't be seeing it
again as it was so dull in a lot of parts and the music was OK too.
Ryan Reynolds is like Jim Carrey all over again as he is so boring to
watch yet I saw him in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock & Just Friends
which was hilarious but I found his performance here kinda crap.

The ending was kinda weird too as it was kinda confusing but having
said that it isn't your average romantic comedy.


"Definitely, Maybe" was marketed with the line "Best romantic comedy
since Annie Hall." At first I was appalled because it must be a lie,
and how dare they put it in the same sentence as Woody Allen. But as I
struggled to find many examples of what could be the best, I relented
my negativities towards this film.

It is just your standard romantic comedy but with a few differences to
set it apart. Instead of just one, we have three main relationship
stories being told. And they set it all to the rise and fall of Bill
Clinton's presidency. A fitting and very refreshing political addition.

Ryan Reynolds, as handsome and funny as ever, tells us and his 11
year-old daughter about his three past relationships. They spend way
too long building up these relationships because the course they take
is pretty obvious from the get-go, but at least he ends up with the
right girl.

I view "Definitely, Maybe" as just a collection of some very funny
scenes. As Reynolds picks up his daughter after school and she tells
him about the sex ed class they just had, it's impossible not to laugh
at the confused and crude Abigail Breslin. It may be wrong to have kids
saying some of the things they did, but it's hilarious.

The filmmakers seem to view it as more ground-breaking than it really
is, but "Definitely, Maybe" is still good and funny and maybe (only
maybe) the best romantic comedy since "Annie Hall"(1977).

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