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  • Dolores Claiborne
    • Dolores Claiborne
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:47:21
    • Director: Taylor Hackford
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dolores Claiborne


This is my first review ever. Just saw the movie, and I'm thrilled by
the performances! Kathy Bates, David Strathairn and Christopher Plummer
are all, way too underrated as actors. In my opinion they are true
artists! As an actor, they seem to make everything so easy and natural!
And you never know where they are going with their characters. This is
becoming more a review of the actors rather than of the movie. One of
the reasons I haven't seen this movie until now is actually because of
the dreadful title and cover! But it is another great Stephen
King-film! As the movie goes on, what you think you knew isn't as
simple as that, and your judgement of the characters might seem to be
made to soon. But the storytelling and the acting is just perfectly
done! I can't believe this film didn't win or at least was nominated
for more awards?! The acting is just great. Wish there were even more
scenes with Vera, all of her scenes were amazing and you never could
see where it was going, which I think is great! The only negative thing
I have to say about this movie is the lighting. I find it to
depressive, even though I understand it is a deliberate choice it
doesn't serve the movie. Just a little brighter would have been fine by
me. But King is a truly great storyteller and the actors are masters of
their craft!


This Stephen King inspired drama/thriller stars Kathy Bates as an
abrasive Maine housemaid who is accused of murdering her elderly boss.
Jennifer Jason Leigh plays her daughter who travels home from New York
City when she learns the news that her mother is once again in trouble.

Tensions between Leigh's and Bates' characters mount as Leigh believes
that Bates killed her father years ago. There are many very compelling
flashbacks that show how Bates' character was battered and demeaned
daily by her husband(who is played very well by David Strathirn). This
causes us to not help but feel bad for the Bates character and
sympathize with her many problems.

This is a good film with fine performances by all involved. For those
that enjoyed the other Stephen King based film starring Kathy Bates,
"Misery", then those viewers should enjoy this film.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Obviously, a drunkard, such as the role that David Strathairn played
was one where he was forced to marry a very frumpy looking Kathy Bates.

Bates easily topped her Oscar winning performance in "Misery" in this
creative film dealing with a variety of social problems.

Bates is equally matched by an outstanding supporting cast including
her neurotic victimized daughter, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and the town
sheriff, played with relish by Christopher Plummer. He is out to get
Bates for the murder of her husband as well some 18 years before.

Bates plays a housekeeper to a very vicious, perfectionist woman for
many years. You have to wonder why she stayed with her that along,
especially when the woman becomes bedridden. The surprise of the
lesbian angle between the 2 women must have come as a jolt to the

Go know that Leigh was physically abused by her father as well.

These interlocking problems certainly serves this movie quite well.

Bates, as a victim of circumstances all around, is terrific here.

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