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  • Donnie Brasco
    • Donnie Brasco
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:11:04
    • Director: Mike Newell
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Donnie Brasco


"Donnie Brasco" is the name assigned to an undercover FBI agent who's
assigned the task of infiltrating the New York mafia and ends up
getting farther than anyone ever thought he would manage. Johnny Depp
was quite good in the role – one of the few "straight roles" that I've
seen him in, as opposed to the quirky style of character he usually
seems to play. Depp had to play his character in two different settings
- one as Brasco, the young mobster seeking to work his way up through
the mob, and then as FBI agent Joe Pistone, who finds his mob life
overtaking his personal life, to the point at which his marriage and
family almost break apart under the strain. It was a fine piece of work
by Depp, showing the character becoming almost overtaken by his mob
persona, and steadily rising within the family to a level not even the
FBI expected.

Al Pacino was the perfect partner for Depp in this. I don't think
anyone could play the role of "Lefty" – a "middle management" mob type
as well as Pacino. Lefty is a frustrated mobster, unable to advance in
spite of many years of service, who recruits Brasco and then finds
himself overtaken by the young newcomer to the "family." Pacino was
completely believable in the role, as you would expect from such an
accomplished actor. Depp and Pacino were teamed with a pretty solid
supporting cast, the most notable of them being probably Anne Heche as
Joe's long- suffering wife Maggie.

The biggest weakness in this was probably some poor pacing and
structure in the first hour or so. It didn't seem to be fitting
together all that well, and it actually seemed to start too abruptly,
with Lefty trying to sell Brasco a diamond. How did Brasco get into
that position in the first place? I wondered that all the way through.
How did his undercover work begin? There also seemed to be a number of
points at which Brasco should have been found out, but wasn't. Those
points aside, though, this was a very entertaining movie.

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