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  • Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
    • Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
    • Runtime:102 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:09:59
    • Director: Stephen Herek
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" is no masterpiece, it's
5.5 rating is a bit harsh for this early 90s movie that I remember
watching during High School. Caught it at a Hotel with HBO recently and
I thought I'd be cringing a lot, but it has it's entertaining moments
and quite a few chuckles. It's almost a homage to John Hughes type
movies. There's a lot of adult vs. teenagers vs kids humor, and some of
the witty dialog that mimmicks Hughes scripts in movies like "Uncle
Buck". Here Christina Applegate who never really launched in the
movie-world, holds her own pretty well, although she doesn't quite
cut-it believable as a 17 year old. I liked the romance and subterfuge
she threw at her crush and all the office antics and characters. You
can see some of Office Space like goof-balls and behavior in this movie
a good 8 years before the Mike Judge Masterpiece came out. Anyway, this
deserves a higher rating – it still clings to some 80'ness in a fond


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In This Kind Of A Dark Comedy Sue Ellen The Teenage Vally Girl Who Cant
Not Go To Europe With Her Friends She Has To Help Take Care Of Brothers
& Sisters While Her Brother Kenny Is Out With His Rock In Roll Buddys
There Mom Leaves Theme With the Meanist Babysitter Ever Unfortunately
The Old Babysitter Dies & Sue Ellen Gets A Job With A Fashion Company
She Hits It Off With Her New Boss Rose Gets A New Boyfriend Brian But
Brian's Sister Carolin Trys To Get Sue Ellen Fired Any Way Possable
Also Rose's Boyfriend Gus Is Trying To Sudeuc Her This Is Another
Forgotten Movie But I Always Loved This Starring Christina Applegate
Who Is Famous For Playing Kelly Bundy On Marring With Children & Keth
cooger As Kenny Her Brother With A Very Young David Duchovny & A Dead
Babysitter Check This One Out


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This really should've been 2 movies. There are 2 great premises here
that are almost completely unrelated that are just squashed together
into 1 not-so-good film. We have the hilarious slapstick comedy of
covering up the death of an elderly babysitter, and a woman trying to
find a way to save the company she works for (which is a movie that I
personally wouldn't have cared for, but probably would've made a great
chick flick), both of which could've easily carried themselves over an
hour and a half each.

Instead, all we get is a half-hour of comedy and an hour of boring
Yuppie-ville Corporate America, with the plot of the first half-hour
poking it's head every so often, mercilessly trying to remind us that
we're supposed to be watching a comedy. But just as quickly as those
every-so-often's come up, they disappear back into the void.

And they should've done away with the 'no money, gotta get a job' plot
device, as that was pretty much what killed the rest of this film. They
could've developed a lot more comedy just out of them say… having a
party and trashing the house, or relatives come looking for the
babysitter, or mother comes home early, or from the fact that they
should've just called an ambulance in the first place seeing as how the
babysitter really did die of natural causes and they wouldn't have been
in any trouble anyway, or any number of possible plot devices that
could've been so much funnier than Christina Applegate parading around
in Yuppie-land. And as for that part of the film being it's own movie,
this section has a lot more detail than the first half. Just add a bit
more character development to the supporting cast, and bam, you got
that film.

The acting is overall fairly decent though. Christina Applegate is
definitely convincing as both the valley girl and the yuppie. Keith
Coogan as Kenny and the hilarious pranks that him and his gang pull are
sadly underused in my opinion, although his transformation from stoner
slacker to Julia Child-obsessed chef throughout the film is one of the
best parts of the film. Josh Charles (whom everybody would remember as
anchor Dan Rydell from the show Sports Night) as the boyfriend Bryan
does a fairly decent job here as well.

Eda Reiss Merin as the elderly babysitter had me scared stiff. The
actress also was sadly underused before the character's untimely death.
I mean, come on. The title of the movie is based on this character. Had
that been it's own movie (forsaking the Corporate America bit, as I
suggested earlier), they could've developed the character a lot more.
Maybe have her dole out some worse embarrassments and harsher
punishments to the children before her death.

Most of the actors in the latter part of the film were pretty stiff.
The actress who played Carolyn should've been replaced, as it seemed
that she read her lines like a wannabe actress in a poorly written
commercial. I was however surprised to see David Duchovny (long before
his triumphs on The X-Files & Californication) with the worst hair cut
the 80's had to offer, and stiff as a board in the acting department.

So basically that's it. 2 good premises, but one overall lousy film.


You can't really have anything against this movie, because it's just
incredibly harmless fun. The moral lessons that glue this movie
together are taken straight from after-school specials, but they are
delivered in such a delightful way that they almost become bearable.
Almost. The humour is very creative and there are a lot of laughs, then
again some of the best jokes are probably unintentional ones. I
especially love the scene in which it turns out Sue Ellen has a knack
for designing fashion, to which they show us the absolute most hideous
clothes ever made in this universe. Ah, the early 90s, how I love thee
and all thy weirdness. The cast does very well, kind of a shame none of
them ever made it to the A-list. Christina Applegate might just be the
most underrated actress in Hollywood, but oh well. Generally I'm not
too fond of these movies with an oh-so-important message, but I gladly
make an exception for this one.

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