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  • Dr. Dolittle 2
    • Dr. Dolittle 2
    • Runtime:87 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:55:45
    • Director: Steve Carr
    • Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dr. Dolittle 2


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first film which followed after the leading actor's success in The
Nutty Professor, with his fast trash talking attitude, was pretty
funny, and there was this sequel, from director Steve Carr (Daddy Day
Care, Are We Done Yet?). Basically Dr. John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) has
now become renowned for his gift to talk to animals, in fact there
isn't a day when they don't come to him for help, which annoys his wife
Lisa (Kristen Wilson), and he tries to keep an eye on his daughters
Charisse (Raven-Symoné) and Maya (Kyla Pratt). John does find out that
Charisse plans to spend her sixteenth birthday with her date Eric
Wilson (Lil' Zane), so he insists she brings him home to celebrate
properly, but of course an animal informs him he is needed by the God
Beaver (Richard C. Sarafian). He is told that the forest he and
numerous other animals are living in is slowly being torn down by wood
cutters, and the only way to save the few thousand acres left is to
convince the authorities there is an endangered species living there.
So John comes up with the idea to save the forest by reintroducing a
trained bumbling circus brown bear named Archie (Tank the Bear, voiced
by Steve Zahn) into the wild, to mate with a wild female Pacific
Western bear. So Archie is taken to the forest and it is clear quite
quickly that he isn't used to the environment he hasn't been in since
birth, so the Doctor has to teach him a few things first. Then they
spot female bear Ava (Lisa Kudrow), who he is smitten with but is
failing to gain her interest or attention in having a relationship.
With a little help from the other animals in the forest they teach
Archie to have confidence and be romantic, and ultimately become the
brown bear he should be. Meanwhile in his own life, John tries to make
peace and eldest daughter without the talking to animals thing getting
in the way, while also trying to stop mean Joe Potter (Jeffrey Jones)
taking down the forest. Archie does manage to sway Ava by retrieving a
seemingly impossible to get bees nest full of honey, but John might be
too late to convince the authorities they are actually going to mate.
So to stop the forest destruction once and for all, thousands of
animals around the world are seen going on strike, so dogs won't go
walking, race horses don't run, killer whales won't perform, birds poop
all over Potter and his colleague, and much more besides. In the end,
John and the animals do save the forest outside of San Francisco from
destruction, and Archie and Aav did indeed mate to have three cubs
together. Also starring Kevin Pollak as Jack Riley and the Alligator,
Norm MacDonald as Lucky the Dog, Jacob Vargas as Pepito the Chameleon,
South Park's Isaac Hayes as Possum, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's James
Avery as Eldon, Steve Irwin – The Crocodile Hunter, Andy Dick as Lennie
the Weasel, David Cross as Dog, Futurama's John Di Maggio as Seeing Eye
Dog, Wassup Fish and Mouse, Resident Evil: Apocalypse's Mike Epps as
Sonny the Bear, Jamie Kennedy as Bandit, Cedric the Entertainer as Zoo
Bear #1, A Walk to Remember's Mandy Moore as Girl Bear Cub, Malcolm in
the Middle's Frankie Muniz as Boy Bear Cub and Arnold Schwarzenegger
archive as White Wolf. Murphy is still reasonable as the agitated, Zahn
and the help of the special effects make Archie the Bear a lovable
character, and some of the other animals are cute to look at and listen
to also, some of the story is I guess could have been bettered, but
it's such a bad family fantasy comedy. Okay!


I mean it wasn't that horrible, but it was pretty bad. I didn't care
for the plot. Actually it was pretty funny–this and Nutty Professor
are both remakes, both star Eddie Murphy, and both were funny. But more
to it, both had pretty mediocre sequels, and both sequels had a very
sexually driven plot. But that's not why I hate this movie. There's way
too much pop culture, the jokes weren't really funny, and I just
couldn't believe how annoying everything about it was. I really wish I
could be more in depth, but sorry, I just don't care about this film.
It's more like a repressed memory now, and I only commented here
because I was trying to find out what the Spanish Orangutan in the
first movie was saying. The original Dr Dolittle with the white guy in
it was OK, the first Dr Dolittle with Eddie Murphy was hilarious and a
very underrated film, but this movie sucks.

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