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  • Dr. Strange
    • Dr. Strange
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:29
    • Director: Philip DeGuere
    • Genres: Fantasy
    • Studio:


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I Firmly Believe Every Adaptation Of Doctor Strange Is Good This Is
Excellent Quallity For The 70's. The Plot Is That A psychiatrist
becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth in order to battle an
evil Sorceress from the past. This Is One Of My Favourite Movies From
The 70's (But Not Including TV Movies Its Either Monty Pythons Life Of
Brian, Monty Python & The Holy Grail Or Alien) This TV Movie Is The 2nd
Best TV Series Never Made (1st Is Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog). An
Excellent 70's TV Show. The Acting Is Excellent, The Villiains Are Ones
That Really Make Harry Potter Look Like Crap(Even Though Harry Potter
Is An Awful Movie Series). An Excellent TV Show That Was Never Made.
Rating: 10/10


I absolutely adore this made for TV film. Frankly having just
re-watched a VHS I have I would so love to have this on DVD. It gets NO
AIRINGS on TV to my knowledge. Shame. I loved Peter Hooten and John
Mills and Clyde Kusatsu. What a HOME Lindmer had!!! The vivacious
Jessica Walter at her absolute sexiest! There is something very special
about this film; a compassion, a humanity that can sometimes appear
cheesy and forced in the medium however, despite what some may think,
there is a genuineness about Hooten and Mills performances that I found
so refreshing.

Keeping in mind that this is made for TV and with a background that
lends itself to formulaic triteness I think the crew did a heck of a

The set for Lindmer's house is well done for a film with a rock bottom

Good versus Evil, as old as man, and this is a special entry in that


Made for TV., this adaptation from the Marvel Comic Book, is not true
to form, any form. Anyone who has read and enjoyed the comic books will
be in for a let-down, so far down that they'll need a rope to pull
themselves out from the pit they haplessly wandered into. The cast is
wrongly picked and can't even do a decent job with the poor material
(did anyone on the writing staff even look at the comic book?). I
believe this was a pilot for a series, if anyone could believe that.
The good thing was, that someone saw that it was a flop and it
vanished, thankfully without a much notice. On a strange note (no pun
intended) one critique actually enjoyed the show which drew my
attention and subsequently led me to be assaulted by this injustice of
a film. If it had great special effects, that would not be enough for
it to claw its way out of the mire that it is. {See, Spider Man,
Superman or any other comic adaptation}


I had first seen this movie years ago on Sci Fi only part way thru and
thought of it often but never took the time to try to hunt down a copy.
When low and behold I ran into it at a video rental store where you can
rent movies for less than $1.00 for three days.

I cant believe how much fun this movie is, I truly love movies from the
70′s and this movie has some major 70′s fashion going on. I was
surprised at how well the cast got into there roles from Peter Hooten
playing Dr. Strange and Jessica Walter playing Morgan they both made
the movie a lot of fun and the scene’s that there in together are
great. This is 70′s camp at it’s very best, the story is not as strong
as it could be and the dialogue is a bit goofy at times but the actors
bring the movie to life. Oh and I have to mention the lovely Anne Marie
Martin she looks great in this movie what a beautiful lady.

There is another review on this movie that states the Greatest
Superhero TV series never made and I have to agree. I wonder if the
producers were hoping to go to series, because of the way the movie
ends. It certainly had some great potential. I hope that some company
takes the time to release the 70′s marvel movies other than The
Incredible Hulk (I do like the hulk to it’s just better know than the
Dr. Strange and Captain America and Spderman series of the 70′s). The
kid inside me from the 70′s still loves these movies and I hope that
some day they can be released on DVD.


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