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  • Dracula: Dead and Loving It
    • Dracula: Dead and Loving It
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:03:23
    • Director: Mel Brooks
    • Genres: Comedy, Horror
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dracula: Dead and Loving It


Dracula: Dead and Loving It

To millions of infatuated little girls, Dracula is the creepy uncle to
all those brooding teen vampires they love so much.

And while their aged ancestor doesn't mope around bare-chested in this
vampire spoof, he does have a Hungarian accent.

After purchasing an Abby in England, Count Dracula (Leslie Nielsen) and
his servant Renfield (Peter MacNicol) board a vessel and make the
journey from Transylvania.

In London, Dracula meets Dr. Seward (Harvey Korman), his daughter Mina
(Amy Yasbeck), her fiancé Harker (Steven Weber) and Lucy (Lysette
Anthony), whom he later feeds upon.

When Lucy's found the next day, drained of blood, Dr. Van Helsing (Mel
Brooks) is contacted to help with the evident vampire problem.

A screwball send-up of the 1931 classic, director Mel Brooks amiably
but aptly ridicules the undead phenomenon.

Coincidently, vampires would make great stand-up comedians: they keep
odd hours, they're depressed and they kill every night. (Yellow Light)


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You know, truth be told, if Brooks had decided to just remake the
Dracula film as his own then this actually could've been a success. The
problem is this was supposed to have been a Mel Brooks parody with lots
and lots of belly laughs. You have to believe that the material was
ripe for a Mel Brooks farce, but yet the magic is missing, it seems,
and many of the gags and dialogue is forced, not exactly as funny as it
should be. The cast, God bless them, give it a 110%. Especially Harvey
Corman as Mina's father, Sanitarium doctor, Seward. My favorite gag
would definitely be Lucy's staking with all the blood exploding all
over poor Steven Weber's Jonathan Harker. Brooks has these two
long-in-the-tooth dances between Dracula and Mina(Amy Yasbeck,
surprisingly given little to work with). Nielsen, in particular,
doesn't have as many strong comedy dialogue scenes he's famous for in
other more successful parodies. His scene, for me, that was the
funniest is a sight gag where he's in bat form flying towards Lucy's
room when she closes her window and his face plants face-first into the
glass. And, the most unfortunate crime committed is not giving the
likes of a very talented Mark Blankfield more of a part as Renfield's
security guard Martin. Lysette Anthony is positively delicious with her
heaving bosom and seductive qualities as Lucy. Interesting enough,
Lucy's role in this film is stronger than the character of Mina. Peter
MacNicol hams it up without restraint, and rightfully so, as Dracula's
fly-eating maniac slave Renfield. The cast have such colorful
expressions and can sell even the most mediocre of written word, and in
this movie's case they earned their paychecks and then some. Brooks
slurs with a heightened accent as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. Actually,
there are some impressive sets and the art/production design is rather
stunning, not to mention, there are some inspired camera shots(such as
the awesome look of Harker, Van Helsing, and Seward heading up to the
chapel where Dracula carries Mina at the end, a faraway silhouetted
shot of their figures closing upon the building). It was as if Brooks
were torn between being faithful to the source material and lampooning
it. Maybe that is why it doesn't quite work. I have to say I really
appreciated the scene where, unlike other films on the count, this
movie actually shows Dracula visiting Renfield's cell to free him by
bending the bars, and the ending provides the vampire with a more
productive finish, outlasting his nemesis until his own servant seals
his fate.

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