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  • Dragonfly
    • Dragonfly
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:21:59
    • Director: Tom Shadyac
    • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a lot of buildup in "Dragonfly" starring Kevin Costner, Kathy
Bates, and Susanna Thompson. On the whole too much buildup likely. The
movie is depending on the viewer's lack of smarts not to catch some not
so subtle hints. It keeps on pounding us over the head with inane
"clues" and a baffled Kevin Costner who becomes kind of obsessed. Is
the movie good? Not really. It has an ending which stretches too much,
(spoiler) and the paranormal gags seem to be something akin to parlor
tricks more or less. The whipped together ending (read epilogue) was
way too hasty with trite narration thrown in for good measure, even
though the buildup remained somewhat interesting for the first 3rd.
Additionally the music is plainly unoriginal and awful, totally by the
numbers. So not really recommended but you could do worse.


OK, so it isn't worth a 10 I admit (it's about a 7-8 in my book), but I
simply can't believe it has a 5.8 on IMDb so I'm trying to boost it a
little. There are so many garbage movies on IMDb (Jackass springs to
mind) which have a higher rating than this really good movie that it's

Kevin Costner plays a doctor whose wife travels to South America as
part of a Red Cross aid mission (sort of like Doctors Without Borders
type thing). While there and traveling on a bus along a treacherous
road during a storm, a mud slide crashes into the bus, sending it
barreling down the hill and presumably killing everybody. Costner's
wife's body is never recovered by authorities and strange signs and
stories from her pediatric oncology patients fuels Costner's belief
that his wife is trying to communicate with him.

The movie plays as it should; there is little 'pace' to it as such
since the movie is about a husband's grief for his dead wife…how much
pace do you expect? That said, there are some properly scary moments
that will have the hairs at the back of your neck stand up and at the
same time there is plenty of intrigue to keep you watching; eagerly
awaiting what happens next.

I thought Kevin Costner pulled in a very good performance in this
movie. There's a real sense of genuineness in the way he portrays his
character. Don't expect 'Best Picture' material here because then you
will be disappointed. Make no mistake, this is a very good movie but it
never intends to be an outstanding classic. Also, the movie is about
communication with 'the other side' so please leave your 'this is not
real' feelings at the door. Simply watch and enjoy the movie for what
it is and I guarantee. you will not be disappointed.

P.S. There are many reviewers here who moan and trash the movie for
some things that happen in it (SPOILER: eg. His wife's cancer patients
having seen her while they were flat-lined) well what did you expect
after the movie says it is about communicating with the other side?? If
you don't like this type of genre or Kevin Costner, don't trash the
movie just because you were dumb enough to go watch something you knew
you weren't gonna like! Anyway, that's my little rant done with, rent
the movie if you haven't already seen it I really do recommend it.

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