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  • Dreamcatcher
    • Dreamcatcher
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:17
    • Director: Lawrence Kasdan
    • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dreamcatcher


Stephen King here combines several genres in this twisty tale, adapted
for the screen by William Goldman and director Lawrence Kasdan. Four
chums – Henry (Thomas Jane), the Beav (Jason Lee), Pete (Timothy
Olyphant), and Jonesy (Damian Lewis) – have had special, extrasensory
abilities since their days as kids due to having saved Duddits (a.k.a.
Douglas), a kid with Down's Syndrome, from bullies. They meet as adults
20 years later for their annual wintertime hunting trip, when things
start going from bad to worse, as an alien invasion is occurring. This
adaptation is reasonably faithful to the book, which is fairly
ambitious and included at least one neat conceit. This would be the
whole idea of the "memory warehouse", which is nicely realized on
screen. An unfortunate departure from the book is the CGI laden climax,
which comes off as just too silly. I would also be willing to admit
that while entertaining, this film is never as really involving as it
ought to be. A shame, really, with a quartet of engaging lead
characters well played by the four principals. Kasdan actually keeps
this film moving forward fairly quickly. And it starts strongly enough.
The director maintains to create some fine tension, and the big gross
out scenes described in the novel come off quite amusingly. The
"weasel" creatures prove to be quite ugly and formidable too. There's a
decent atmosphere to the proceedings as well. In tying the elements -
also involving a paranoid military man (Morgan Freeman) who's gone
batty from having chased E.T.'s for a quarter century – together,
Kasdan tries mightily to make it all gel but it does sort of go flat
along the way. Not that it's ever really boring, or *that* bad, but
it's lacking the ability to truly emotionally engage a viewer. Freeman
isn't particularly good, which is just too bad; his is a somewhat
interesting character who was more intimidating in the book. Tom
Sizemore and Donnie Wahlberg round out the cast, with Sizemore a more
reasonable man than his boss Freeman, and Wahlberg playing the adult
version of Duddits. Given that the book was a fairly gripping read,
this film could have been better, more frightening, and could have had
more heart.


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