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  • Easter Parade
    • Easter Parade
    • Runtime:107 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:11
    • Director: Charles Walters
    • Genres: Musical, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Easter Parade


Of course, you've read about Astaire, Garland and Ann Miller, and this
movie has plenty of star power. But you also get dresses, style,
backdrops, delightful choreography, and songs with very clever rhymes
using simple words. And Easter hats. The production effort behind this
movie is unbelievable, not a second is wasted, and this is an entirely
different kind of eye candy than you might see in LOTR or Iron man.
This won't be repeated, the style, the glamour, the whimsical songs. No
need to tell you about the plot. Who cares. If you haven't seen this
before, nothing bad happens, there are some hurt feelings and a few
complications, but everyone plays nice, and everything works out. Enjoy
it while it lasts. 8 out of 10 ranking for me put this very near the
top. What a surprise this movie, one of four in a DVD pack, turned out
to be.


There is something dark about this movie. Despite the songs, despite
the dance, despite the comedy, something about Fred Astaire movies is
that 'almost lost' element to the chase: he almost didn't get the girl.
The original girl of his dreams turns out to be a nightmare. His
alternative is an accident of fate who almost escapes his grasp.

Fred Astaire and Judy Garland show their comedic genius here. The
willingness to goof for the screen. Judy Garland pursing her lips to
attract attention is comedy made simple–anything for a laugh. And that
Fred Astaire doesn't realize that she is mugging, makes the comedy even
more priceless. Fred Astaire as a comic genius is often lost sight of
while he dances and sings.

The dance routines, the songs are truly priceless and end up being
classical routines of excellence. I can't think of anything better than
"Easter Parade" always a delight to hear and a delight to see on film.
(And by the by, the song shows up as well in "Holiday Inn", and
"Alexander's Ragtime Band." Ann Miller's routine, "Chasing the Blues
Away" has justifiably become classic. And in the end, the chasing the
blues away becomes a major leit-motiv of the film and of Judy Garland's
life. We see these movies aware of the profound sadness in her life
despite her massive talent and despite the recognition she received
from her peers as a major talent. And that darkness of her life
permeates the movie in an unanticipated way.

The movie is about transformation. Hanna Brown transmogrified to
Juanita then transformed back to Hannah Brown when she seems to be
freer as she sings "I love a Piano." In the number "A Couple of Swells"
Fred Astaire is barely recognizable as the dapper, debonair dancer in
tuxedo; his transmogrification transforms his identity, disguises him.
Transformation becomes a controlling motif in the later "A Star is
Born." In many ways transformation is the motif of every Hollywood
actor; ordinary people with an extra-ordinary gift transform
themselves, or are transformed by an adoring public, into 'stars.' A
large part of this movie's success is that it speaks to the audience in
a profundity that is barely recognizable, but there non-the-less.
Beneath the song and dance is an endearing story line about
transformation and transmogrification that speaks to the audience.


Now it is time for me to give my point of view on another Irving Berlin
musical, Easter Parade, starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. I
thought that this was a very great movie, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
are extremely great together! And not only that, they are also really
great with their dancing and their singing, they are two of the best
singers and dancers that there have ever been in the history of film in
my opinion. And not to mention the fact that Irving Berlin has once
more written some very great music and songs for this film, Irving
Berlin, you are totally wonderful, I really admire a man who can write
as many songs as you have and not run out of ideas, I just plain really
love a man like that! This film is another one of the greatest musical
movies that I have ever seen, and it is also one of my favorites! I
totally thought that this movie was really magnificent, funny, and
overall, was just plain marvelous!

This film contains one of my favorite Irving Berlin songs of any Irving
Berlin musical film, Steppin' Out With My Baby, that song is swinging
and upbeat, and I really am fond of a song that is swinging and upbeat!
Irving Berlin has always been one of my favorite songwriters, mainly
because of the fact that he has written a very large amount of great
songs, and this film has got a lot of great ones! I don't know where I
would be without Irving Berlin, because he has written a lot of my
favorite songs, such as my personal favorite, Puttin' On The Ritz!

I hope that you are listening, because I am going to say something that
I hope you will follow. You've really got to see this movie, because
you are going to like it a lot! I'll give you a few reasons here, it
has got some very great music and songs by our great songwriter Irving
Berlin, this film has also got some really great dancing, singing, and
acting from Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, and overall, it is just a
movie that you are going to enjoy every single bit!


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