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  • El orfanato
    • El orfanato
    • Runtime:105 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:03:30
    • Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
    • Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:El orfanato


Wow. I have waited a twenty-some years for another great ghost story.
Ever since I saw THE CHANGLING (1980 – starring George C. Scott) I have
longed for another movie that could make me feel the way that movie
did. Some have come close, but THE ORPHANAGE is the first to really do

Clearly this is not a slash and gore film. No sex scenes, no half
clothed twenty-somethings running through the woods/hallway/whatever
until they fall and are slaughtered, no swearing; none of the cliché
horror tactics (not to say this is all not fun in the right movie).
This is classic and tasteful and will leave you both thinking about it
and retaining feelings about it long after the movie ends.



Laura, with her husband and her son, goes back the old orphanage where
she was raised when she was a child with the idea of create a home for
kids with disabilities.

The orphanage is a mix between "The others" and "Poltergeist". The film
is wonderfully shot, the story is well told, the score suits the movie
and Belen Rueda's performance is fantastic.

The film is better than just scary. As the movies advances, you grow
more and more uneasy on your seat even when sometimes you see it

Unlike many of the recent horror flicks, you won't see a bloodbath or
gores scenes. The filmmaker manages to create an intense atmosphere all
the film long, where the worst isn't what you see but what you can
imagine that happened. Still, you'll jump from your seat a couple of
times (that's guaranteed).

The weakest part of the film is towards the middle, a 10 minutes length
scene, a carbon copy of Poltergeist.

Overall, a must to see, a classic to be. Highly enjoyable film with
some minor flaws.


"The Orphanage" offers proof positive that quality filmmaking can
triumph over even the tritest of themes. In bare outline, it's really
just the oldie about the family that moves into a creepy older
establishment – in this case an abandoned orphanage with a very dark
past – only to be hounded by the spirits of the people who died there
under horrific circumstances. Laura (Belen Rueda) is a woman who was
herself raised there as a child and who has now returned with her
husband, Carlos (Fernando Cayo), and their adopted son, Simon (Roger
Princep), to open a home for disabled children. In no time flat,
however, things begin going bump in the night, and Simon disappears
under mysterious circumstances. Could the souls of the children who
died there be trying to contact the living, and could they be using
Simon as a means of achieving that end?

Anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of how such stories
normally play themselves out should have no trouble divining the
answers to those questions. But in his debut as a director, Juan
Antonio Bayona demonstrates a real flair for the macabre, so that every
haunted-house-movie cliché – every creaking door, every sudden
apparition – that comes our way seems somehow new and fresh again.
Perhaps it's the artful imagery, the fluid camera-work, or the highly
effective soundtrack – or all three combined – that account for the
movie's effectiveness. Whatever it is, Bayona is able to imbue even the
most mundane object – a playground ride, a child's doll – with the
utmost menace and dread.

At times, the film seems to be channeling some of the "greats" of the
genre, namely "The Omen," "Poltergeist" (especially with its high-tech
ghost-hunters and creepy psychic played by Geraldine Chaplin), and the
original version of "The Haunting." And because of the quality of the
work here, the movie emerges more as an homage to those earlier
classics than a slavish imitation of them.

People may be divided over the story's resolution – finding it either
immensely satisfying or unnecessarily corny – but no one can deny that,
for genuine thrills and suspense, "The Orphanage" is one of the better
horror movies of the past several years.

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