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  • Elephants Dream
    • Elephants Dream
    • Runtime:9 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:56
    • Director: Bassam Kurdali
    • Genres: Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Short
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Elephants Dream


It's an amazing feat and it was done entirely using Open Source
software. I believe that the movie stands out not for it's quality as a
film, but rather for it's importance in the history of OSS (open source
software). It is not a piece of film art, but we have to remember that
this is more of a proof of concept than an artistic movie. One thing
you will notice is that the movie is 10 minutes of graphical wonders.
It is a movie for the eye, not for the soul.

But, for those seeking film art, I recommend Big Buck Bunny whose
premiere was 10 April 2008. Big Buck Bunny promises to tell a very
funny story.

It is a high quality demo for blender.


Elephants dream had a really interesting story. I won't explain the
story any further; I'll leave it up to you to interpret.

The lighting, modeling, special effects animation, sound effects, and
music were all done exceptionally well. Visually, especially in still
shots, the film looks incredible.

The character animation was good at times. In parts the characters
moved very realistically. But at other times the animation was very
poor and / or overdone. Animation Rule #57: Never have sections of the
character standing completely still while other parts are moving.

The worst part of the film would have to be the screenplay, voice
acting, and directing. With a better screenplay, director, and voice
talent, I would have been able to pay more attention to the symbolism
and less attention to the flaws.

Overall I think Elephants Dream is a great example of what Open Source
Software can do, and I commend all of the talents behind the scenes for
their hard work and effort.


Having been a user of Blender for a few years, I couldn't wait to see
this film. Having recruited the most talented users this was to be
Blenders big promotional push to the rest of the cg industry, the
expectation was high for something special.

The result is a very mixed affair. Technically this is amazing, very
few users have been able to squeeze this kind of performance from the
best open source 3d package. Modeling, lighting, texturing, animation,
rendering all are very high quality. This brings me onto the obvious
and often heard criticism: the story is almost buried under it's own
multi-layered highbrow pretentious Art wannabe hopes.

Sadly what should have been accessible and inviting, ironically,instead
reflects Blenders UI: unappealing and awkward.

As a film it's a failure, as a HD-DVD tech demo(first in Europe*yawn*)
it's great.

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